104 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ed

EdildOne who can bring successGirl
EdildaOne who has fought the war; found victoryGirl
EdineOne who came from EdinburghGirl
EditaThey are sucessful in warfareGirl
EditeRich battleGirl
EdithProsperous in WarGirl
EdithaBlessed to be successful person or individualGirl
EditheOne who is striving for wealthGirl
EdittaA rich gift; a very efficient presentGirl
EdiuaAggressive and encouraging human beingGirl
EdivaWork hard for wealth and healthGirl
EdlaA born Princess; they are efficient and joyousGirl
EdlenOne who is like a high waterfallUnisex
EdmandaRich helper; one who helps the needyGirl
EdmondaThe clean one who is like a guardianGirl
EdmoniaA wealthy person who is like a queenGirl
EdnaRejuvenation; one who needs relaxationGirl
EdolinaHelping and pleasant natureGirl
EdomaBelongng to God; they are the one who are faithfulGirl
EdonLoved and independent beingGirl
EdoneaA kind hearted person; generousGirl
EdoniaOf high standards; Wealthy rulerGirl
EdonyNordic Goddess of immoralityGirl
EdraPowerful and happy oneGirl
EdreaOne who is rich and powerful; of high authorityGirl
EdriaPossesive of great power and strength;MightyGirl
EdriceA prosperous rulerGirl
EdrieA blessed guardianGirl
EdritThey are talented and kind heartedGirl
EdusaGoddess of childrenGirl
EduwigesFighting woman; one who is a good speakerGirl
EdvigBattle; fight for ContentionGirl
EdvigeContention and strifeGirl
EdwardeenWealthy protector and filled with conciousnessGirl
EdwardeneRich defender; one who is like a wealthy guardGirl
EdwardinaGuardian of riches; one who has great desireGirl
EdwardineWealthy defender; they are guarding the propertyGirl
EdwardyneOne who is wealthy defenderGirl
EdweenaRich in friendship; one who has aged like wineGirl
EdwenaWealthy friend; one who has a rich heartGirl
EdwienaRich in friendship; onw who cares a lotGirl
EdwigeRefuge from war; they are independent and confidenGirl
EdwinaA successful friend; a rich and wealthy friendGirl
EdwincWarrior; one who has varied experiencesGirl
EdwinnaGood friend; one who is rich in friendshipGirl
EdwynaA valuable and wealthy friendGirl
EdyWho can strife for wealthGirl
EdyeOne who is attractive and well manneredGirl
EdynaOne who came from edinburghGirl
EdytaA rich present; one which is efficientGirl

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