80 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ei

EibhlinShining BrilliantGirl
EidelGentle one; noble and kind personGirl
EiderBeautiful and pretty haired ladyGirl
EidiFestival or feast day.Girl
EiditaWealthy; joyous and responsible personGirl
EidithRich or blessed; the one who is secureGirl
EidraRich and powerful; with great responsibilityGirl
EidythJoyous and loving personGirl
EidythaJoyous and lovely personGirl
EieshaPurity; name of Muhammad's wife; aliveGirl
EihUncountable; an oak tree who loves free detailedGirl
EiichiA notable and powerful ruler who is brightGirl
EijaHappy and bright person who is studious naturedGirl
EijiCheerful and one second; eternityGirl
EikOne who gives laughter; strong as a Oak treeGirl
EilaThe daughter of manu who is like the EarthGirl
EilahJuniper tree; oak; one who lives foreverGirl
EilariaCheerful; merry; one who has a great love for natureGirl
EilatA grove of tall trees; Pistacia treeGirl
EileA famous mythological irish queen; practical oneGirl
EileanOne who is filled with light; Hazelnut treeGirl
EileenShining bright light; Strong as HazelnutGirl
EileeneLight source which is bright and shiningGirl
EileneHazelnut; a very strong guardGirl
EileuaOne who is talented and understandingGirl
EileueA likable person who loves to travelGirl
EileveOne who believes in GodGirl
EileyJuniper tree; Hazelnut which is free detailedGirl
EilianaA Hebrew saying means My God has answeredGirl
EilidhOne who emits lightGirl
EilieuaBright and beautifulGirl
EilieueA happy go lucky, spontaneous personGirl
EilikaSword tip; a serious minded and diplomatic personGirl
EilinA Hazelnut tree; a sweet singing birdGirl
EilingBird; a versatile and creative beingGirl
EilirButterfly; one who is spontaneous and alluringGirl
EilisGod is my Oath; one who is a devoted personGirl
EilishConvenat with God; a pledgeUnisex
EiliyahThe Beautiful One to Grow in Peace and Love with God; A variant spelling is IliyaGirl
EilleenBright and shining lightGirl
EilleyShinning, bright lightGirl
EillivaIndependent, noble and faithful beingGirl
EilonwyA very beautiful princessGirl
EilunedA perfect image or an idolGirl
EilvilaGood elf; reticent and serious oneGirl
EilyJuniper tree; filled with lightGirl
EilyssiA hardworking individualGirl
EimaanFaith; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; A variant spelling is ImaanGirl
EimanA faithful and clever minded personGirl
EimearOne who is blessed with six gifts of womanhoodGirl

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