386 Baby Girl Names That Start With El

ElDerived from EleanorUnisex
ElaThey are the representative of mother EarthGirl
EladariOne who is luxury in paradiseGirl
EladariaThe luxurious paradise; they are powerfulGirl
ElahaAn enchanting human beingGirl
ElahehThey are the moon goddessGirl
ElainThe one who has a peculiar caseGirl
ElainaThe bright and shining lightGirl
ElaineThe one who is a legendGirl
ElakshiOne who has bright and beautiful eyesGirl
ElampiraiThe young CrescentGirl
ElanaHebrew: tree Greek: sun ray; Bright one; Shining One; Oak Tree; A contracted form of EleanorGirl
ElandraHome by the Sea; God is my Oath; God is perfectionGirl
ElaneOne who has a shining bright lightGirl
ElaniLight coming inside the soulGirl
ElannaThe star sun; majestic beingGirl
ElanorOne who is of the high born rankGirl
ElaraA cheerful and happy individualGirl
ElariaA glorified individualGirl
ElataThe light coming fron the heartGirl
ElauraA youthful princess; rich and famousGirl
ElavaliEarth; Princess of the land;Girl
ElaxiA woman who has bright eyesGirl
ElaynaOne who is the shining bright lightGirl
ElayneThe ray of light entering heartGirl
El�aJehovah is the LordGirl
ElbaName of a placeGirl
ElbertaA glorious and intelligent personGirl
ElberthaA high born and shining personGirl
ElberthinaA bright and famous personGirl
ElbertinaOne who has a noble heart and mindGirl
ElbertineA noble and glorious personGirl
ElbertynaA noble and glorious babyGirl
EldaOne who is born warriorGirl
EldisThey are the ones who are filled with joyGirl
ElditA wealthy and sweet natured personGirl
EldoraThe name given to many saintsGirl
EldredaA sage who is an old counselGirl
EldridgeA sage like faithful and wise advisorGirl
EleThe black, shining oneGirl
EleaThe bright and shining oneGirl
EleanaThe lucky daughter of SunGirl
EleanorOne with bright and shining personalityGirl
EleanoraLight which is shining and brightGirl
EleanoreThe bright and shining lightGirl
EleasaA fantastic and humble beingsUnisex
EleaseNoble being who takes God as oathGirl
EleashaOne who is born to provide salvationGirl
ElectaA selected and unique personGirl
ElectraMythological daughter; has power of SunGirl

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