25 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ela

ElaThey are the representative of mother EarthGirl
EladariOne who is luxury in paradiseGirl
EladariaThe luxurious paradise; they are powerfulGirl
ElahaAn enchanting human beingGirl
ElahehThey are the moon goddessGirl
ElainThe one who has a peculiar caseGirl
ElainaThe bright and shining lightGirl
ElaineThe one who is a legendGirl
ElakshiOne who has bright and beautiful eyesGirl
ElampiraiThe young CrescentGirl
ElanaHebrew: tree Greek: sun ray; Bright one; Shining One; Oak Tree; A contracted form of EleanorGirl
ElandraHome by the Sea; God is my Oath; God is perfectionGirl
ElaneOne who has a shining bright lightGirl
ElaniLight coming inside the soulGirl
ElannaThe star sun; majestic beingGirl
ElanorOne who is of the high born rankGirl
ElaraA cheerful and happy individualGirl
ElariaA glorified individualGirl
ElataThe light coming fron the heartGirl
ElauraA youthful princess; rich and famousGirl
ElavaliEarth; Princess of the land;Girl
ElaxiA woman who has bright eyesGirl
ElaynaOne who is the shining bright lightGirl
ElayneThe ray of light entering heartGirl
El�aJehovah is the LordGirl

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