82 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eli

EliaThey have a feeling good feeling about the lordGirl
EliamarOne who has deep faith in destinyGirl
ElianA passionate and loving human beingUnisex
ElianaGod has given the answerGirl
ElianeJehovah is the ultimate GodGirl
EliannaThey are the daughters of the SunGirl
ElianneFantastic daughter of the SunGirl
EliannyA Dominic Republic variant of Eliana. It means my God has answered.Girl
ElianoraOne who comes out of the majestic rays of the SunGirl
EliarysThey have got the amazing imaginative powersGirl
EliavaOne who takes his father as GodGirl
ElicaA noble person; they are filled with gratitudeGirl
EliceOne who is very close to the LordUnisex
EliciaOne who speak and narrate ideas very wellGirl
ElidaA beautiful winged creatureGirl
ElidiaA little winged. strong and majestic personGirl
ElifOne with a slender body; originalGirl
EliisaVow is a God; merciful and graciousGirl
EliisabetOne who takes God as Oath; helpful personGirl
EliiseFrom Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundanceGirl
ElilenA hazelnut; they are compassionateGirl
EliliA beautiful creatureGirl
ElilmaniPrecious like the rare gemGirl
ElinLight coming out and is the most beautiful oneGirl
ElinaA name which stands for a bright lightGirl
ElinahShining lightGirl
ElinamHe is there for me.Unisex
ElineOne who shares light and brightnessGirl
ElinorOne who is filled with sense and sensibilityGirl
ElinoraThey are emotional and full of sympathyGirl
ElinoreOne who is filled with light and is brightGirl
ElioraThey are the guiding lightGirl
EliraThey love freedom and are compassionateGirl
ElisOne who loves the company of the LordGirl
ElisaOne who is consecrated to godGirl
ElisabedGeorgian form of Elizabeth It means God is my oathGirl
ElisabelleOne who takes God as Oath; helpfulGirl
ElisabetOne who is madly devoted to GodGirl
ElisabetaThey are masters of gorgeous personalitiesGirl
ElisabetaElisabeta is the Romanian form of Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath.Girl
ElisabethGod providing satisfaction and supportGirl
ElisabethaA bountiful God figure on EarthGirl
ElisabettaGod is bountiful and helpfulGirl
ElisabetteThey take God as their oath; loving personGirl
ElisangelaOne who takes God as an Oath; a friendGirl
ElisapeeElisapee is a spelling variation of Elisapie. It means my God is an oath.Girl
ElisapieInuit form of the name Elizabeth. It means my God is an oath.Girl
ElisavetA devoted individual; loves humanityGirl
ElisavetaOne who is fully devoted to GodGirl
EliseThey take God as their oathGirl
ElisedOne who is very close to GodGirl
EliseddOne who is the provider of satisfaction; an oathGirl
ElishevaThey have taken God as an oathGirl
ElishiaOne who is taken as a vow; stableGirl
ElisiaA friendly, loving and stable personGirl
EliskaOne who is fully devoted to GodGirl
ElisoEliso is Georgian form of Elizabeth and means God is an oathGirl
ElisonGod is a promise and an oathGirl
ElisseA tender and adorable personGirl
ElissiaGod of Oath who provides satisfactionGirl
ElitaOne who has made a huge difference and is nobleGirl
ElitiaOne who is chosen by the GodGirl
ElitsaA trusted individual; a Fir treeGirl
EliviaA fertile Olive treeGirl
ElivinaA beautiful friend of the ElvesGirl
EliyaOne who serves others; Lord is the GodGirl
ElizaPledged to GodGirl
ElizabeSatisfaction provider; a GodGirl
ElizabeghGod who protection and satisfactionGirl
ElizabellaBeautiful person who took God as an oathGirl
ElizabelleOne who takes God as an OathGirl
ElizabetGod provides everyone with plenty; bountiful godGirl
ElizabetaDedicated to GodGirl
ElizabeteLatvian form of Elizabeth. It means my God is abundance, my God has sworn.Girl
ElizabethOne who provides satisfaction and fullnessGirl
ElizabethaGod is a satisfaction providerGirl
ElizabetheThey are born mediators and activeGirl
ElizabezOne who has new desires and expectationsGirl
ElizandraOne who has all the beauty of the worldGirl
ElizavetaA devoted individual; they are everywhereGirl
ElizebethGod is a faith and is satisfactionGirl
ElizotaA unique name; an expert of music and artGirl

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