79 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ell

EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys lifeGirl
ElladineA bright and shining ray of lightGirl
ElladoraA gift sent from heaven; one who is filled with lightGirl
EllamaeA combination name; one who is true to allGirl
EllanBright and shining light of magicGirl
EllasynChildren of Ellis; creative and productiveGirl
ElleOne who has aged gracefully like a beautiful fairyGirl
ElleaOne who is foreign and is true to allGirl
ElleanorShining God who shows light to all; bright torchGirl
ElleciaForm of Elijah; ideal human beingGirl
ElleeOne who works with everyone; creative and excellent personGirl
EllemaAn efficient person who milks the CowGirl
EllenVariant of Helen; bright, shining lightGirl
EllenaOne who is the most beautiful women; full of lightGirl
ElleneA bright and shining light; deep inner sense; beautifulGirl
EllenmaeA foreign element who are variant of Ellen meaning lightGirl
EllenorA bright, shining light; They are God of the lightGirl
EllenoraOne who is from a foreign land; sun ray; God is lightGirl
EllenoreA foreign individual; versatile and creativeGirl
EllenyThey are happy people; form of Helen which means brightGirl
ElleryOne who came from Demeter; an Earth LoverUnisex
EllesaOne who came from Alyssum flowerGirl
ElleshaA bountiful God; salvationGirl
EllessaOne with a noble, charming and friendly natureGirl
EllesseOne who is stable and loves familyGirl
EllettaA magical Elf with powersGirl
ElletteA little, magical ElfGirl
EllexisOne who is born to create harmonyGirl
EllfredaOne who is very powerful; an ElfGirl
EllfreddaOne who has the power of a powerful ElfGirl
EllfreedaA born Elf or a magical counselGirl
EllfridaA powerful and magical creature; an ElfGirl
EllfriedaA magical and powerful counselGirl
EllfrydaThe one who has magical strengthGirl
EllfrydahOne who has massive power and strengthGirl
ElliA kind and devoted individualGirl
ElliaOne who gives out LightGirl
EllianaThe almighty god has answeredGirl
ElliannaAnswer to God's prayersGirl
ElliaunaOne who is born out of SunGirl
ElliceJehovah is the ultimate GodGirl
ElliciaBlissful God provides salvationGirl
EllieGod is the guiding lightGirl
EllieanaAn answer to God's prayersGirl
EllietteJehovah is the God almightyGirl
EllikaOne who cannot be defeatedGirl
EllinThe soothing ray of Sun; foreign elementGirl
EllinaThe entire world; the bright and shining oneGirl
EllinetteA generous person; torchGirl
EllinorOne who is filled with bright daylightGirl

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