20 Baby Girl Names That Start With Elv

Elvathis name basically means a elfinGirl
Elvahthis name means elf power or magical power.Girl
Elvanthis name basically means colours.Girl
Elveenaa good friend of the elves is described by this name.Girl
Elvenathis means someone who is a friend of the elves or a friendGirl
Elveniathe meaning of this name is elf or magical being or friend.Girl
Elverathis name means white or truth.Girl
Elvevathe meaning of this name is elfin or elf leader.Girl
Elvithis name means noble friend.Girl
Elviathis name means noble and faithful or elf.Girl
Elviethis name means good noble friend or elfin or good elf.Girl
Elvinathis name means elf or magical friend or noble being.Girl
Elvinethis name means good elf or magical being or friend.Girl
Elviniathis name means elfin.Girl
Elvirathis name means white.Girl
Elvirethis name means someone who is white or fair.Girl
Elvisathis name means healthy and safe.Girl
Elvitathis name means truth.Girl
Elvivathis name means trustworthy or alert or white.Girl
Elvynethis name means good elf.Girl

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