34 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eme

Emelit means desire.Girl
EmelaHope or inspiration.Girl
Emeldathis name literally means an entire battle.Girl
Emeleit means someone who is industrious or can be admired.Girl
Emelithis name means someone who is laborious or eager or a rival in battle.Girl
Emeliaa striving or industrious person is described using this name.Girl
Emelianathis name means to continually strive or excel against a rival.Girl
Emelieliterally meaning someone who is striving or eager to excel when faced in difficult situations against a rival.Girl
Emelinthis name means hard working.Girl
Emelinasomeone who is extremely hard working or laborious is described using this name.Girl
Emelinea peaceful home or an industrious person.Girl
Emelotthis means a castle belonging to Arthur.Girl
Emelotethis name is often used for describing a castle which belonged to King Arthur.Girl
EmelothKing Arthur's castle during the medieval ages was described by using this name.Girl
Emelythis name has the meaning of a leader who emulates success.Girl
Emelyethe meaning of this name is someone who is industrious and a leader.Girl
Emelynthis name means hard labour.Girl
Emelynethe name is derived from old German word amal meaning labour.Girl
EmeneDon't do harm; Do not hurtUnisex
EmeniTonga word for Amen.Girl
Emerthis means someone who has been blessed by the six gifts of womanhood.Girl
Emerait means merit or a worthy person who has merit.Girl
Emeraldthis is a precious gemstone with the same name.Girl
EmeraudeFrench word for emerald.Girl
EmereThe name means rival in Maori language.Girl
Emeriait means someone who is from the north with great beauty and honour.Girl
Emerlindathis name means the whole universe is soft or tender.Girl
Emersynthis means brave and powerful; someone who is a leader.Girl
Emerythit means an industrious leader with work power.Unisex
Emesethis name means mother.Girl
Emestinethis means someone who is serious or directed.Girl
EmetemediaI will always remain a ladyGirl
EmeterhireGirls have arrivedGirl

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