24 Baby Girl Names That Start With Emi

Emi ( エミ)this means smile that is beautiful and picturesque.Girl
Emica (エミカ)this name means charming or blessed and beautiful.Girl
EmigdiaOne who is half-god or demigodGirl
Emikain Slavik this name means charming.Girl
Emiko (エミコ)this name means a prosperous and beautiful child.Girl
Emileeit means someone who is striving and industrious and excellent.Girl
Emilithis name has a meaning laborious or eager.Girl
Emiliathis name means to rival or emulate or excel.Girl
Emilianathis name means someone who wants to excel or be excellent.Girl
Emiliesomeone who is extremely laborious, hard working and striving.Girl
Emilijaa rival or emulating.Girl
Emiliyait means to work hard.Girl
Emiljato match or surpass a person or a rival by imitation mostly.Girl
Emillydilligent and hard working.Girl
EmilohiOnly God is great.Girl
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
Emilynthis name means someone who is striving and works hard.Girl
Emilynnea person who is industrious and strives extremely hard to excel.Girl
Eminaa trustworthy person.Girl
Emineit means one who is fearless and courageous.Girl
EmiolaThe honorable one, or an honorable man.Girl
Emirasomeone who is worhty or merit or a princess.Girl
Emirione who tries to excel or a royal person.Girl

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