39 Baby Girl Names That Start With Emm

Emmthe whole or universe is signified by this nameGirl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
Emma DilHeart's WishGirl
Emmajeansomeone with great strength.Girl
Emmaleaha powerful and strengthful person.Girl
Emmaleea tremendously indutrious or hardworking person.Girl
Emmaleighrival or laborious or eager.Girl
Emmalieeager to do hard work.Girl
Emmalinasomething that is all contaning or universal.Girl
Emmalinehardwoking and striving for excellence that is universal or complete.Girl
Emmaliseeverything contained together or universal.Girl
Emmalytrying to excel in an universal way and a path that is whole.Girl
Emmalyngreat strength and hard work.Girl
Emmalynna zeal to work hard and be industrious.Girl
Emmanuelathis is the feminine form of the Biblical name for the Messiah and also has the meaning that god should be with us.Girl
Emmanuellameans god with us from the old testament in Biblical verses.Girl
EmmanuelleFrench feminine word for the Messiah ultimately meaning god is with us.Girl
Emmariea faithful or truthful person.Girl
Emmarya person who can be believed or who has faith; a faithful person.Girl
EmmeJewel; Gem; A variant spelling of name EmmaGirl
Emmegailthis means a high born lady.Girl
Emmeliait means harmonious or trying to excel.Girl
Emmelinaa desire to emulate success and excel in life.Girl
Emmelinea German word meaning desire to work hard and be industrious.Girl
Emmelynthe entire universe in symbolized by this name.Girl
Emmersomeone who lived on a land where grain was grown.Girl
Emmersettea rich and powerful lady belonging to a well known house.Girl
Emmia friendly and soft person.Girl
Emmiequalities like delicate, soft and friendly.Girl
Emmilenehardwork and labour.Girl
EmmitaSweet motherGirl
Emmlyone who strives hard for success.Girl
Emmlynsomeone who works really hard.Girl
Emmotea feminine form of power and strong will.Girl
Emmotttough, extremely powerful and strong built.Unisex
Emmya laborious, hard working and industrious person.Girl
Emmylouthis name is a combination of two names - emmy and lou; which means a famous warrior.Girl

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