71 Baby Girl Names That Start With En

Enasomeone who is passionate and graceful.Girl
EnajemeteThese are also girlsGirl
Enakshia deer eyed person.Girl
EnasOne with a friendly and jovial demeanor.Girl
Encarnacionreference to the incarnation.Girl
EndahBeautiful, one who is excessively beautiful.Girl
Endellionfire or soul.Girl
EndelynEndelyn is origin of the name Gwendolyn. It means white or fair.Girl
Endorait is a Greek work meaning light.Girl
Endriaa bright luminating object.Girl
EndzelaSnowdrop flowerGirl
Enean eagle; in Frisian it is masculine but in Estonian it is feminine.Unisex
Enedelianobility or a noble person.Girl
Enedinasoul or life.Girl
Eneidathis name means a life or a soul of a person.Girl
Enelisegraced by god or bountiful.Girl
Enerstinaserious or sincere.Girl
Enerstynesignificant, consequential or serious.Girl
Enessqueen of beauty.Girl
Enfledathe mother of a great saint.Girl
EngelGerman word for angel.Unisex
Engelberthabright as an angel.Girl
Engeleda description of the word angelic or a possible old English refrence to England.Unisex
EngeleisSlovenian form of the word angel.Girl
Engeleisiakind like an angel.Girl
Engelietha battle.Girl
Engelisaa messenger.Girl
Engelisesomeone who transfers messages; a messenger.Girl
Engisan enigma.Girl
EnglaSwedish feminine form of the word angel.Girl
Englbehrta bright angel.Girl
EnglebertaA bright angelGirl
Engya beautiful queen.Girl
Enia black female deer.Girl
Eniait means jewel or fieryGirl
EniafeA beloved man.Girl
Enidit means spirit.Girl
Enidefair or spirit.Girl
EniiyiA person of integrity.Girl
Enikoa young female deer.Girl
Enima word relating to deer.Girl
Eniolaa wealthy person.Unisex
EnisaFriend or companionGirl
Enitfair or woodlark.Girl
EnitanPerson of the story or person with a history.Girl
EnivwenayeCompare my success with those of my enemiesUnisex
Enjoliextremely prettyGirl
EnkhjargalPeaceful happiness or peace blessingGirl

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