81 Baby Girl Names That Start With Es

Esabellsomebody who has been devoted to god.Girl
Esabellaa person who has been devoted to god for salvation.Girl
Esadowait means wolves.Unisex
Esanaa feminized word meaning to safeguard.Girl
Eschera German name for someone who lived near an ash tree or grove.Unisex
Esclamoran Arthurian word used in literature for someone who is attracted towards nature.Unisex
Eseldbeautiful or one who rules over the ice.Girl
EseogheneGod's giftUnisex
EserovweGod's graceUnisex
Esfiran ancient goddess.Girl
EshaPleasure; Desire; Purity; One of the many names of Goddess ParavatiGirl
EshaalEnlivened or excited, to enliven or excite.Girl
EshalThe Name of Flower in the Heaven; Pleasure; Desire; Purity; One of the many names of Goddess ParavatiGirl
EshanaOne of many names of Lord ShivaGirl
Eshaniit usually means a wish or a desire.Girl
Eshanikameans to fulfill one's desires.Girl
Eshankagoddess Parvati or Shiva's wife.Girl
EshanyaEast; One of many names of Goddess Parvati; Purity; DesireGirl
Esheit means immortal.Girl
EshikaAn Arrow; A Dart; Eyes bright as lamp;Girl
Eshitaone who desires.Girl
Eshmalucky or whom luck favours.Girl
Eshnaa wish.Girl
Eshnaait means someone who is a wish.Girl
Eshniwife of lord Shiva.Girl
Eshvasomebody who is born at easter.Girl
Eshwarisupreme goddess or most powerful.Girl
EsiOne who is born on Sunday.Girl
EsiankikiYoung maidenGirl
Esiliawife of Romulus in Roman mythology.Girl
EsinInspiration, an inspirational woman.Girl
Esireesome one who is desired.Girl
Esitaa desired human being.Girl
Eslait is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning truth.Girl
Eslandaan Irish word for truth.Girl
EsmaeFrench word meaning respected.Unisex
Esmeea feminized word meaning esteem.Girl
Esmeraldaa Spanish word meaning emerald.Girl
Esmeraya dark moon.Girl
Esmereldaa feminized Spanish word which means the emerald jewel.Girl
Esmeriea French word meaning emerald.Girl
Esmiraa French word meaning loved.Girl
Esphyrit means stars.Girl
Espnan abbreviation for a popular American television sports channel.Unisex
Esrait means more or quick.Girl
Essenceit means scent or odour.Girl
Essiea Latin word meaning star.Girl
Estasomeone from the east.Girl
Esteea French word meaning star.Girl
Estefanasomeone crowned with laurels.Girl
Estefania feminized word meaning wealth or crown or honour.Girl
Estefaniaa Spanish feminized word which has the ultimate meaning of honour or wealth or glory.Girl
Estefanycrowned or glory or wealth.Girl
Estela French word meaning stars in the sky which are bright.Girl
Estelaa Spanish word for stars in the sky.Girl
Estelitabright sparkling stars.Girl
Estellit is a French word which means bright sparkling stars.Girl
Estellaa Spanish feminized word meaning stars.Girl
Estelleilluminating bright sparkling stars in the sky.Girl
Estera Hebrew word meaning star.Girl
Esteraa Polish word for star.Girl
EstereA form of Esther, meaning star.Girl
Esteria Finnish word which means star.Girl
Esterinastrong and vital.Girl
EstherSweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of PersiaGirl
Estralitaa Spanish word meaning little star.Girl
Estrangiamother of a famous bishop.Girl
Estrellaa feminized word meaning star.Girl
Estrellitaa word which is feminized and has the meaning star.Girl
Estrida beautiful goddess.Girl
Estrildit means battle.Girl
Estrildisa star battle or a beloved mistress of King Locrinus.Girl
Estritha royal person of Norway.Girl
Estya feminized Hebrew word which means star.Girl
Eswariwife of lord Shiva; a name used in India.Girl
Eswarya feminized Indian name which means Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva.Girl
Esztera Hungarian word meaning star.Girl
Esztia femininized Hungarian word which means star.Girl

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