42 Baby Girl Names That Start With Et

Etaa feminized word meaning shining.Girl
EtalpalliNahuatl word for wing.Unisex
Etapatradappled leaves.Unisex
Etasashining dappled horse or one who desires.Unisex
Etelvinaa noble friend.Girl
Eteniathe wealthy.Girl
EteriThe name means air in Georgian languageGirl
Eternityinfinity or forever.Girl
Ethanoble or honourable in old English.Girl
Ethela German feminized word meaning noble.Girl
Etheldaa teutonic word meaning wise advisor.Girl
EtheldredNoble strengthGirl
Ethelenesomebody honourable and noble.Girl
EthelindaNoble serpentGirl
Ethelindeintelligent or noble serpent.Girl
Ethelynan Old English word for noble.Girl
Ethilla German word meaning noble.Girl
Ethiopiaa name of a country.Unisex
Ethmera teutonic word meaning noble or friend.Unisex
Ethnait means graceful.Girl
Ethnea Gaelic word for fire.Girl
Ethneya Celtic word meaning fire.Girl
Ethniea feminized word which means fire.Girl
Ethyla feminized old English word meaning noble.Girl
Ethylenean archaic old English word which means noble.Girl
Ethyllan ancient word of Old English which has the meaning noble.Girl
Etiit means ending or conclusion.Girl
EtiennetteFrench feminized form of the word Stephen meaning crown.Girl
EtishaBeginning after the end.Girl
Etnathe name of a 5th century Irish saint.Girl
Etoilea French feminized word meaning star.Girl
Etonan old river town.Girl
Etsudo (えつど)a Japanese name meaning joy and child.Girl
Ettaa German word meaning the little one.Girl
Ettardin the Arthurian legend the lover of Palleas is known by this name.Girl
Ettareaccording to Arthurian legend the lover of Palleas.Girl
Ettarra surname which means lover of Palleas.Girl
Ettimyrtle or bride or star.Girl
Ettiea word which means a star or bride or myrtle.Girl
Ettraa queen of beauty.Girl
Ettya Persian name meaning star.Girl

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