55 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eu

Euato breathe.Girl
EuantheBlooming, floweryGirl
Eubankan Anglo-Saxon surname possibly referring to the Yew's banks.Unisex
EucabethOne who is great.Girl
Eudociahighly regarded.Girl
Eudokiato be well pleased or to be satisfied.Girl
Eudoragood gift.Girl
Eudosiaa Greek word meaning highly regarded.Girl
Eudotiasomeone who is held in high regard like a good gift.Girl
Eudoxiaa Greek word for someone who is held in high regard or a good gift.Girl
Eufemiato speak or to declare or words of good omen.Girl
Eufemmea Spanish word meaning good omen.Girl
Eufemmiagood omen.Girl
Eufrasiashe who is full of joy.Girl
Eufrozinamirth or merriment.Girl
Eugenaa feminized name meaning well born or noble.Girl
EugeneiaAncient Greek feminine form of Eugene. It means well born.Girl
Eugeniaaristocratic or noble by birth.Girl
Eui (의)RighteousnessGirl
Eulagood speaking or wealthy or gem of the sea or sacred redGirl
Eulahsomebody who is very sweet spoken or is like a gem of the sea.Girl
Eulaliea French word meaning sweet spoken.Girl
Eulariasomebody who is very soft spoken or speaks very sweetly.Girl
Eulettaa soft spoken or swee spoken person.Girl
Euliathe name of a saint or a soft and sweet spoken person.Girl
Eun (은)SilverGirl
Eun Ae (은애)Grace with loveGirl
Eun Jung (은정)Grace and affectionGirl
Eun-Kyung (은경)A graceful gem.Girl
Eunalamb or hunger.Girl
Eunicegood victory.Girl
Euniciaa word in Greek which means good victory.Girl
EunikeGreek form of Eunice. It means good victory.Girl
Eunisiaa Latin word meaning good victory.Girl
Euodiasweet fragnance.Girl
Euphemiaauspicious speech or good repute.Girl
Euphrasiagood cheer.Girl
EuphrasieFrench word meaning good cheer.Girl
EuphratesThe great riverGirl
Euphrosynemirth or merriment in Greek.Girl
EupraxiaGood conductGirl
Euridicewide justice.Girl
Euroaa place in Australia.Unisex
EuropaMother of Minos.Girl
EurydiceWife of Orpheus.Girl
EurydikeWide justiceGirl
Eurythmiarhythmic or well proportioned.Unisex
Eusebiait means pious.Girl

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