29 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eva

Evalife or living one.Girl
Evabellebeautiful breath of life.Girl
Evadnea Greek word for good.Girl
Evaleena form of life.Girl
Evaleighthe juniper tree.Girl
Evalietrying to equalize or rival.Girl
Evalinait means to live.Girl
Evalineit is a name which denotes life.Girl
Evalyna feminized name which means life or to live.Girl
Evalysea combination of two names eva and elyse.Girl
Evandrapowerful woman.Girl
Evaneeyoung fighter.Girl
Evanescaan event that fades away.Girl
Evangalistagood messenger.Girl
Evangeliabringer of good news.Girl
Evangelicagospel or good news or tidings.Girl
Evangelinaa good gospel.Girl
Evangelinea good news or a good gospel.Girl
Evangeliquea Latin word for good news or gospel.Girl
EvangeliyaBulgarian feminine form of Evangelos, meaning messengerGirl
Evangelosa Greek word for a messenger who brings good news.Girl
Evaniagoodness or peaceful or a good fighter.Girl
Evannaa female fighter who is young and good.Girl
Evannea female young fighter who is equally good.Girl
Evanoraa gift of god.Girl
Evanshiit means similarity.Girl
Evanthea Greek word for flower.Girl
Evanthianice rosebud or blossoming flower.Girl
Evanyyouthful warrior.Girl

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