32 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eve

Evethe first woman on earth.Girl
Eveathe juniper tree in Greek language.Girl
Evedenea name which means a juniper tree or good luck,Girl
Eveleenlife or living or lively or hazelnut.Girl
Eveliaa Spanish word meaning life,Girl
Eveliena Latin word which has the meaning life.Girl
Eveliinaa word which means to live or having life.Girl
Evelina feminized word which signifies life or to live.Girl
Evelinathe action of breathing or living life.Girl
Evelineto breathe or to live.Girl
Evelyna Hebrew name which means to breathe or live or life.Girl
Evelynea name which means to live.Girl
Evelynnthis name means to peacefully live and have a life.Girl
Evelynnethis is a spelling variation of a famous name which means to live or life.Girl
Eveningthe dusk or time of the day when the sun sets.Unisex
EventideThe time of evening, eveningGirl
Everallina 3rd century historic figure.Girl
Everilla feminized form of a 7th century saint's name.Girl
Everinean English surname but sometimes also used as a name.Girl
Everitaa feminized word meaning strong and sturdy.Girl
Everlefrom the boar's meadow.Girl
Everleesomebody who is from the boar meadow.Girl
Everleigha German word meaning someone from the meadow of boars.Girl
Everleya German word for someone who is brave and sturdy like a boar.Girl
Everlya word which describes a strong and sturdy person like a boar.Girl
Everlynnstrong or sturdy like a wild boar.Girl
Everlysealways devoted or consecrated to god.Girl
Evermoorealways or eternal or everlasting.Girl
Evermoresomething which is everlasting or eternal.Girl
Everniebeyond the other side.Girl
EvetteA little living oneGirl
EveyVariation of Eve which means lifeGirl

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