745 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter F

Baby Girl Names Starts With F

Parents who want their baby girls to grow up into a responsible, caring, and family-oriented person should give them a name starting with the letter F.

F girls are nurturers by nature. They are kind, tender, and have a calm temperament, which makes them great peacekeepers. These people ensure that they help and comfort those who require it the most. They love children and animals and always strive for harmony and peace. They are even insanely romantic and commit themselves wholeheartedly to personal relationships. F girls even like to keep their workspace and home tidy and dislike poor hygiene and messiness.

If you give your daughter a name starting with F, she’s likely to be sociable and have impeccable manners. She will enjoy fine and good things in life, cherishing quality, and comfort above all. She will even be generous and will enjoy treating herself and others.

On the downside, girls with F in their initial can get vengeful and childish when someone betrays or even hurts them slightly.

Francesca, Felicity, and Frieda are considered the most popular baby girl names starting with the letter F. But if you’ve got weary of these names, you can take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve got some of the unique and rare baby girl names starting with the letter F.

FarzaanaA brainy and intelligent manGirl
FarzanaA woman who has great knowledgeGirl
FarzanahIntelligent, smart and wise womanGirl
FarzanehA wise woman.Girl
FarzeenA Queen who rulesGirl
FarziaA female, a girlGirl
FarzinA woman QueenGirl
FascienneA woman of dark beautyGirl
FaseahaOne who is literaryGirl
FaseelahA Sindhi term for some distanceGirl
FasihaA woman who is eloquentGirl
FasilaTo go the distanceGirl
FasiyaA woman of gentle natureGirl
FatanOne who is charmingGirl
FatatYouth girl or early maturity.Girl
FateOne of great destinyGirl
FatehjitOne who is victorious in whatever he does.Girl
FatemaA victorious womanGirl
FatemahA chaste womanGirl
FatemehA captivating chaste womanGirl
FatenA woman of great charmGirl
FathiaTo achieve victoryGirl
FathimaA woman who abstainsGirl
FathiyaTo fight and winGirl
FathiyahA joy of the new beginingGirl
FathiyyaA great victorGirl
FathmaThe shining womanGirl
FatihaOne who is victoriousGirl
FatihahA conqueror, one who startsGirl
FatimA mother who brest feedsGirl
FatimaA captivating womanGirl
FatimahAccustom; Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; CaptivatingGirl
FatimeShe who captivatesGirl
FatimiCaptivating womanGirl
Fatin or FatinahA woman who is captivatinGirl
FatinaA perceptive and intelligent womanGirl
FatinahAn alluring and fascinating womanGirl
FatmaA woman who captivatesGirl
FatoumataA woman who abstainsGirl
FattanaA very beautiful, gorgeous womanGirl
FattimA prophet's female chindGirl
FatumaDaughter of the Prophet Mohammed; A variant of FatimaGirl
FatunahA smart womanGirl
FaunShe who is like a young deerGirl
FaunaA fawn, a young deerGirl
FauniaA fawn-like womanGirl
FauqiyahA woman of high gradesGirl
FausatShe who achieves triumphGirl
FaustaA lucky oneGirl
FaustinaA little lucky womanGirl
FaustineA fortunate womanGirl
FauveOne wild like a wild landsGirl
FauziaShe who is successful and victoriousGirl
FaviolaA woman of wisdom and braveryGirl
FawhaOne who is like a breath of parfumeGirl
FawizaA woman of big successGirl
FawnYoung Deer; Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was FaunaGirl
FawnaShe is a young deerGirl
FawneLike a young deerGirl
FawzaAn accomplished and victorious womanGirl
FawzahShe is a winner and a successGirl
FawziaA woman who is winningGirl
FawziyaShe is a successful womanGirl
FawziyyaA woman of great successGirl
FawziyyahShe is one of great successGirl
FayA fairy-like womanGirl
FayaA woman who is like a fairyGirl
FayannaA woman of confidence and trust and beliefGirl
FaydaOne who has plentyGirl
FaydraA bright womanGirl
FayeA woman of great confidence and trustGirl
FayetteA pettite, little fairy womanGirl
FayhaA perfuma, a good smellGirl
FayleeShe who is like a fairyGirl
FaylinnTo live in the Fairy KingdomGirl
FayolaAn African name meaning "Good fortune walks with honor"Girl
FayonaA pretty woman, a beautyGirl
FayrahOne who is filled with joy and is cheerfulGirl
FayreA gorgeous woman, a beautyGirl
FayruzOne who has the eyes of the turquoise gemstoneGirl
FaytOne with good faithGirl
FaythA faithful womanGirl
FaytheA woman of confidenceGirl
FayyazaA lady who is very cheritable and generousGirl
FayzaA victorious femaleGirl
FazalahA praiseworthy and excellent womanGirl
FazaratA woman who is like a leopardGirl
FazeelaA faithful and virtuous womanGirl
FazeenAn increasing, something that gets biggerGirl
FaziOne who bloomsGirl
FaziaShe is successfull and a victorGirl
FazilaA superb, generous and noble womanGirl
FazilatunnisaA woman's excellenceGirl
FazziletTo have Allah's blessingsGirl
FeA Spanish name meaning trustGirl
FeatherOne soft as a featherUnisex
FebaThe source of light.Girl
FebeA bright womanGirl
FebruaryA second month of the yearUnisex

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