745 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter F

Parents who want their baby girls to grow up into a responsible, caring, and family-oriented person should give them a name starting with the letter F.

F girls are nurturers by nature. They are kind, tender, and have a calm temperament, which makes them great peacekeepers. These people ensure that they help and comfort those who require it the most. They love children and animals and always strive for harmony and peace. They are even insanely romantic and commit themselves wholeheartedly to personal relationships. F girls even like to keep their workspace and home tidy and dislike poor hygiene and messiness.

If you give your daughter a name starting with F, she’s likely to be sociable and have impeccable manners. She will enjoy fine and good things in life, cherishing quality, and comfort above all. She will even be generous and will enjoy treating herself and others.

On the downside, girls with F in their initial can get vengeful and childish when someone betrays or even hurts them slightly.

Francesca, Felicity, and Frieda are considered the most popular baby girl names starting with the letter F. But if you’ve got weary of these names, you can take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve got some of the unique and rare baby girl names starting with the letter F.

FjolaIcelandic word for violet flower.Girl
FjorgynMother of ThorGirl
FlacaUsually means a slender person (woman)Girl
FlairThe style, tastes and panache of a personGirl
FlanLiterally means descending from the Flannghal, a surname meaning red-hairedGirl
FlandersHistorically refered to a member of the Flemmings community, now a part of BelgiumGirl
FlandrinaA Latin Christian nameGirl
FlannRepresents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of redGirl
FlannacanRefers to a ruddy or red-headed person; derived from Irish word FlannGirl
FlanneryRefers to a person with red-colored locksGirl
FlashThe display of a bright beam of lightGirl
FlaviaLiterally means "Blond"; Comes from the Latin word 'flavus' meaning 'golden and blonde'Girl
FlavioA blonde or golden-haired personGirl
FlaviusA person with yellow-coloured tressesGirl
FlechiaThe happy times to rememberGirl
FleetHabitational name for residents of Fleet, Hampshire; Swift; rapidGirl
FleetwoodA locational surname for people living in Fleetwood, LancashireGirl
FlemingLiterally means 'a man from Flanders', a place in BelgiumGirl
FlemmingAn ethnic name to refer to residers of Flanders in BelgiumGirl
FleridaA cheerful and high-spirited womanGirl
FletaA swift and nimble-footed personGirl
FletchAn arrow-smith by professionGirl
FletcherA maker (and seller) of arrowsGirl
FleurdeliceLily flowerGirl
FlickGood fortune and ProsperityGirl
FlintA hard stone which produces sparks on rubbing, to make fire; a streamGirl
FloareaRomanic word for a blooming flowerGirl
FlodwigA Dithematic name (linking two elements, mainly parent names)Girl
FlokeGuardian of the people.Girl
FloreeA flower; King Alain's daughter as per the legendsGirl
FlorenaA variation of the word 'florence' which means to flowerGirl
FlorenceOne which means to blossom and bloomGirl
FlorenciaA modification of the word 'florence' meaning to undergo bloomingGirl
FloreneA variant form of 'florence' to signify blooming or blossomingGirl
FlorensIt means 'to flower'; prosperous beingGirl
FlorentiaA tailored form of 'Florence' which means 'to blossom'Girl
FlorentinA variant of 'Florentinus' which means 'to blossom'Girl
FlorentinaA version of Florentin; it means 'blossoming' or 'flourishing'Girl
FlorentineIt means 'to flower and bloom'; It refers to anything from the Italian city of FlorenceGirl
FlorenzThe word is French for 'a flower or blossom'Unisex
FlorenzaFlorenz, it refers to 'a flower'Girl
FlorettaMade of 'Flora'; it represents a flowerGirl
FloriIt means 'to flower or to blossom'Girl
FloriaA variant of Latin 'Florence' which refers to 'flowering'Girl
FlorianaA variation of 'Florence' which symbolizes 'blossoming'Girl
FlorianeThe stage of blooming and comes from the Latin word 'Florence'Girl
FlorianoItalian variation of the name "Florian' meaning 'to flower or blossom'Girl
FloricaIt symbolises a flowerGirl
FloriceThe name represents a blossom or flowerGirl
FloridaEssentially means a bloom or a flower; flowering EasterGirl
FlorideSomething flowery and ornate; blossomingGirl
FlorimelLiterally translates to a 'honey flower'Girl
FlorinaFeminine version of the name Florin, this also represents a blossomGirl
FlorindaA Goddess of Latin name 'Flora', it means 'flowers'Girl
FlorineA variation of Latin name 'Flora', this also symbolises 'blossoms'Girl
FlorissaA form of Latin word 'Flora', it means 'like a flower'Girl
Floritaan altered version of 'Flora', this represents a flower or blossomGirl
FlorrieA diminutive of 'Florence', it represents the act of blossoming or bloomingGirl
FloryfelThe name means a flower or a bloomGirl
FlossieA name essenially means 'flowering or blossoming'Girl
FlowerAs the name suggests, it represents 'a bloom, blossom or flower'Unisex
FloyA alteration of 'Florence', the name means 'to flower or bloom'Girl
FlurEssentially, it means a flower or a bloomGirl
FlurekinDiminutive of Latin name 'Florence', it means 'blossoming or flowering'Girl
FluriAlteration of the name 'Florence' which represents the act of bloomingGirl
FluturaA name refers to 'a butterfly'Girl
FlynIt refers to someone with red hairUnisex
FlynnIt essentially means descendant of the red-haired onesUnisex
FlytaSomething which is fast and rapid; a variant of Fleta; swiftGirl
FolaGlory and Prestige; the one who is honorableGirl
FoladeThe honor arrives.Girl
FolakeOne who is taken care with wealth.Girl
FolamiHonor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkleUnisex
FolaoluwashadeThe wealth of God is my crown.Girl
FolasadeYoruba term meaning honor confers a crown.Girl
FolashadeHonor bestows a crown.Girl
FolushoGod cares, one who is always under God's protection.Girl
FonA noble and ready individual; patientUnisex
FondaSomething intense and deep-rooted; profoundGirl
FoneVariant of Celtic name 'Fionn' which means fair and whiteGirl
ForamA fragrance or a pleasant aromaGirl
ForeverIt essentially means something which is eternal and everlastingGirl
ForouzanA feminine name which means 'shining and warm'Girl
ForouzandahA Quranic name which means a radiant personGirl
FortunaIt means Luck or chance; Name of mythological Roman goddess of LuckGirl
FortunataFeminine version of 'Fortunat', it represents a lucky and blessed personGirl
FortuoIt translates to 'good luck'; Also refers to a baby born on 20th of AprilUnisex
FotinaRefers to someone who is free and uncontrolledGirl
FotiniDerived from old Greek name 'Photine', it means light or brillianceGirl
FotoulaA female version of 'Fotis', it means light or luminousGirl
FountainLiterally translates to a fountain or spring; derived from French word 'Fontane' or Latin 'Fontana'Girl
FousafiaA forgiving and sharp minded personGirl
FouziaSomeone who is victorious and fortunateGirl
FowokeA girl who is pampered with money.Girl
FoxAnimal nameUnisex
FoxgloveName of a flower called digitalis; Speculated to mean 'fairies' music'Girl
FoyAlternant of 'Fee' which means 'faith and hope'Unisex
FoyinsolaYoruba term meaning add honey to the wealth.Girl

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