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298 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fa

Faryal An angel-like woman Girl
Faryat A sun-shine's delight Girl
Farzaana A brainy and intelligent man Girl
Farzana A woman who has great knowledge Girl
Farzanah Intelligent, smart and wise woman Girl
Farzaneh A wise woman. Girl
Farzeen A Queen who rules Girl
Farzia A female, a girl Girl
Farzin A woman Queen Girl
Fascienne A woman of dark beauty Girl
Faseaha One who is literary Girl
Faseehah Eloquent Girl
Faseelah A Sindhi term for some distance Girl
Fasiha A woman who is eloquent Girl
Fasila To go the distance Girl
Fasiya A woman of gentle nature Girl
Fatan One who is charming Girl
Fatangisña She who cries a lot. Girl
Fatat Youth girl or early maturity. Girl
Fate One of great destiny Girl
Fatehjit One who is victorious in whatever he does. Girl
Fatema A victorious woman Girl
Fatemah A chaste woman Girl
Fatemeh A captivating chaste woman Girl
Faten A woman of great charm Girl
Fathia To achieve victory Girl
Fathima A woman who abstains Girl
Fathiya To fight and win Girl
Fathiyah A joy of the new begining Girl
Fathiyya A great victor Girl
Fathma The shining woman Girl
Fatiha One who is victorious Girl
Fatihah A conqueror, one who starts Girl
Fatim A mother who brest feeds Girl
Fatima A captivating woman Girl
Fatimah Accustom; Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; Captivating Girl
Fatime She who captivates Girl
Fatimi Captivating woman Girl
Fatin or Fatinah A woman who is captivatin Girl
Fatina A perceptive and intelligent woman Girl
Fatinah An alluring and fascinating woman Girl
Fatma A woman who captivates Girl
Fatoumata A woman who abstains Girl
Fattana A very beautiful, gorgeous woman Girl
Fattim A prophet's female chind Girl
Fatuma Daughter of the Prophet Mohammed; A variant of Fatima Girl
Fatunah A smart woman Girl
Faun She who is like a young deer Girl
Fauna A fawn, a young deer Girl
Faunia A fawn-like woman Girl

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