27 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fai

FaidaIcelandic name meaning folded wingsGirl
FaidahOne who is profitableGirl
FaidraA happy and funny womanGirl
FaigaOne who is bird-likeGirl
FaigelJudaism name meaning birdGirl
FaihA trust or beliefGirl
FaikaAfrican Swahili - Superior; BetterGirl
FaiminaA ladyGirl
FainanGirl with beautiful hairGirl
FaiqaA siblime woman of high statusGirl
FaiqahA successful woman.Girl
FairamayA fair maidenGirl
FairleyOne who is from the yellow meadowGirl
FairlyOne from the clearing where the ferns growUnisex
FairoozaA precious gemGirl
FairozA victorUnisex
FairozaA turquoise stoneGirl
FairuzA thriumphant oneUnisex
FairuzaTurkish name meaning turquoise stoneGirl
FairuzahA turquoise gemstoneGirl
FairyA magical creatureGirl
FaithA trust or a beliefeGirl
FaitheShe who is faithfulGirl
FaizaArabic - Victorious; Winner; A variant spelling is FaizGirl
FaizahA victorious girlGirl
FaiziaA successful womanGirl

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