111 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fr

FraidaSomeone who is beautiful and adored by allGirl
FranSomeone who is French by bloodUnisex
FrancaRefers to a won who is of French originGirl
FranceIt means a french woman or a free-womanGirl
FrancelA woman who belongs to FranceGirl
FrancelleA person who is a descendant of FranceGirl
FranceneA person hailing from FranceGirl
FrancesA feminine replacement for 'Franceis' which refers to a French person or a free personGirl
FrancescaDerived from Latin word 'Franciscus' it refers to a female belonging to FranceGirl
FranchescaA Dominic Republic spelling for Francesca. It means free.Girl
FrancheskaVariation of the word 'Franceska', this name refers to a woman of French rootsGirl
FranciRefers to a free woman of French bloodGirl
FranciaRefers to an individual belonging to France, i.e. "Land of the Franks"Girl
FrancieRepresents a French woman who is freeGirl
FrancinaThe name essentially means a French descendantGirl
FrancineAlternant of 'Francina', the name means 'from France' or a free personGirl
FranciqueSomeone belonging to FranceGirl
FranciscaFrom franceUnisex
FranciseFrancise is a derivative of the English Frances and means free man.Girl
FranciskaIt refers to a Frank or Frenchwoman who is a free personGirl
FranciszkaIt represents a Frenchwoman or 'the one who is free'Girl
FrancoiseFeminine word for "Francois", it refers to a woman who has French rootsGirl
FraniaA variant of Latin name 'Frances' it refers to a woman who is FrenchGirl
FranieIt refers to woman who hails from france and is a free personGirl
FrankaFemale form of Frank, it refers to a free womanGirl
FrankliniaA flowering tree named after Benjamin Franklin; based on its root 'Frankin' the name should mean 'free'Girl
FrannieIt refers to a woman who is from France; a free womanGirl
FrannyA free woman descending from FranceGirl
FrañsezaBretons feminine form of Franciscus and means FrenchmanGirl
FrantiskaCzech variant of 'Frances' it refers to a woman who is freeGirl
FranyaObtained from Latin word 'Frances', it refers to a free woman with French rootsGirl
FranziskaGerman feminine form of 'Franciscus' which translates to a Frenchwoman who is freeGirl
FraukeDerived from Old German 'Frowka' translating to 'a little lady'Girl
FrayaIt means a woman who is the foremost; LadyGirl
FraydaA happy and joyful woman.Girl
FreaDerived from Old Norse goddess's name Freyja, it means the Lady or MistressGirl
FreadeyweedA name which means peace and harmonyGirl
FreawaruMade up of 'Frea'+'Waru' meaning the war resolver or bringer of peaceGirl
FrecesantA sociable, friendly and innovative personGirl
FreclaPossibly derived from 'Farecla' which is combined from French words meaning 'Shining and Bright'Girl
FredaFemale version of Fred meaning peaceful (German); Also means blessed and beloved (Old Norse)Girl
FreddiVariant of Freda which refers to a peacegiving and harmonious woman (or leader)Girl
FredericaFemale version of 'Frederic', it refers to a peaceful person (or ruler)Girl
FrederickaFeminine variant of 'Frederick', it means peace binding leader or rulerGirl
FrederikaA variation of 'Fredericka', it means a peace-loving ruler'Girl
FrederiqueFrench version of 'Fredericka' meaning a peace-binding rulerGirl
FrediswithaA peace loving person who has great natureGirl
FredrickaVariant of 'Fredericka' meaning a peacable person or rulerGirl
FredrikaA modified form of 'Fredericka' which means a peace-maintaining rulerGirl
FreeAs the name suggests, it refers to a free and unbound individualUnisex

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