34 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fra

FraidaSomeone who is beautiful and adored by allGirl
FranSomeone who is French by bloodUnisex
FrancaRefers to a won who is of French originGirl
FranceIt means a french woman or a free-womanGirl
FrancelA woman who belongs to FranceGirl
FrancelleA person who is a descendant of FranceGirl
FranceneA person hailing from FranceGirl
FrancesA feminine replacement for 'Franceis' which refers to a French person or a free personGirl
FrancescaDerived from Latin word 'Franciscus' it refers to a female belonging to FranceGirl
FranchescaA Dominic Republic spelling for Francesca. It means free.Girl
FrancheskaVariation of the word 'Franceska', this name refers to a woman of French rootsGirl
FranciRefers to a free woman of French bloodGirl
FranciaRefers to an individual belonging to France, i.e. "Land of the Franks"Girl
FrancieRepresents a French woman who is freeGirl
FrancinaThe name essentially means a French descendantGirl
FrancineAlternant of 'Francina', the name means 'from France' or a free personGirl
FranciqueSomeone belonging to FranceGirl
FranciscaFrom franceUnisex
FranciseFrancise is a derivative of the English Frances and means free man.Girl
FranciskaIt refers to a Frank or Frenchwoman who is a free personGirl
FranciszkaIt represents a Frenchwoman or 'the one who is free'Girl
FrancoiseFeminine word for "Francois", it refers to a woman who has French rootsGirl
FraniaA variant of Latin name 'Frances' it refers to a woman who is FrenchGirl
FranieIt refers to woman who hails from france and is a free personGirl
FrankaFemale form of Frank, it refers to a free womanGirl
FrankliniaA flowering tree named after Benjamin Franklin; based on its root 'Frankin' the name should mean 'free'Girl
FrannieIt refers to a woman who is from France; a free womanGirl
FrannyA free woman descending from FranceGirl
FrantiskaCzech variant of 'Frances' it refers to a woman who is freeGirl
FranyaObtained from Latin word 'Frances', it refers to a free woman with French rootsGirl
FranziskaGerman feminine form of 'Franciscus' which translates to a Frenchwoman who is freeGirl
FraukeDerived from Old German 'Frowka' translating to 'a little lady'Girl
FrayaIt means a woman who is the foremost; LadyGirl
FraydaA happy and joyful woman.Girl

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