35 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fre

FreaDerived from Old Norse goddess's name Freyja, it means the Lady or MistressGirl
FreadeyweedA name which means peace and harmonyGirl
FreawaruMade up of 'Frea'+'Waru' meaning the war resolver or bringer of peaceGirl
FrecesantA sociable, friendly and innovative personGirl
FreclaPossibly derived from 'Farecla' which is combined from French words meaning 'Shining and Bright'Girl
FredaFemale version of Fred meaning peaceful (German); Also means blessed and beloved (Old Norse)Girl
FreddiVariant of Freda which refers to a peacegiving and harmonious woman (or leader)Girl
FredericaFemale version of 'Frederic', it refers to a peaceful person (or ruler)Girl
FrederickaFeminine variant of 'Frederick', it means peace binding leader or rulerGirl
FrederikaA variation of 'Fredericka', it means a peace-loving ruler'Girl
FrederiqueFrench version of 'Fredericka' meaning a peace-binding rulerGirl
FrediswithaA peace loving person who has great natureGirl
FredrickaVariant of 'Fredericka' meaning a peacable person or rulerGirl
FredrikaA modified form of 'Fredericka' which means a peace-maintaining rulerGirl
FreeAs the name suggests, it refers to a free and unbound individualUnisex
FreedaA ruler who is peaceful; It means beloved in Old NorseGirl
FreedahA peace-binding ruler (German); blessed and loved (Old Norse)Girl
FreemaRefers to gorgeous or stunning.Girl
FreiaIt refers to a woman who the Lady or MistressGirl
FreidaA variant of Freda, it means a peaceful rulerGirl
FreiraRefers to a female sibling; pious sisterGirl
FrejaReferring to a Lady or a Mistress; a Goddess of beautyGirl
FrenchA free individual belonging to France; wild horseUnisex
FrenchieA free woman of French origin; kind and home-lovingGirl
FrenyA person who is loved by all; Zaratushtra's daughter as per mythGirl
FreolaIt means free; brisk and fair individualGirl
FresaSpanish term for strawberries; one who is from high classGirl
FrescaFresh, coolGirl
FreshtaA variant of 'Farsishta', it means an angelGirl
FrethesantA poised and affectionate personGirl
FrewareA simple and poised individualGirl
FreyaIn Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of love; LadyGirl
FreydaRefers to bliss, happy and content.Girl
FreydeReferring delight, pleasure or cheerful.Girl
FreyjaA name given to the lady of love, beauty and deathGirl

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