30 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fri

FridawsThe very big garden in heaven.Girl
FridayDay of frigga, Goddess of weddings.Unisex
FrideswidPeace that is sustainableGirl
FrideswideRefers to sustainable peace.Girl
FridiswedOne living with peaceGirl
FridiswidOne who is with peaceGirl
FridrOne who is beautiful.Girl
FridrikOne who governs peacefully.Girl
FridrikaIcelandic form of Fredrica, meaning peaceful ruler.Girl
FridswedOh who like peaceGirl
FriedaDarling and dearest.Girl
FriedahAn intelligent adviser.Girl
FriedeElf strengthGirl
FriederikeThe master who rules the nation peacefully.Girl
FrigOne who is foremost among the GoddessesGirl
FriggOne who belongs to Iceland or one who comes from Iceland.Girl
FriggaSprit of wedding, goddess of marriages.Girl
FrigythA spontaneous, happy go lucky personGirl
FrijaA major goddess, wife of OdinGirl
FrikkaA peaceful ruler.Girl
FrineAny of various tailless stout bodied amphibians with long hind limbs for leaping.Girl
FrisaA combination of two words fire and iceGirl
FrisewideOne who is at peace and is strongGirl
FrithelaThe one who is free and spread peaceGirl
FrithestanThe place or land of freedom or peaceGirl
FrithuswithA trustworthy and witty individualGirl
FritjofRefers to concord, peacetime or harmony.Unisex
FritzieThe royal king who rules the city peacefully.Girl
FriyaThe girl who is loving, darling and most affectionate.Girl

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