32 Baby Girl Names That Start With Fu

FuadaRefers to mind and argument.Girl
FuchsiaBeautiful rose color flowers.Girl
FudaylA learned or scholarly woman.Girl
FudgeThe one who is determined and persistent.Girl
Fuji (富士)Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion.Girl
FukaynaWise or clever in mind.Girl
FularenuThe fine spores that contain gametes and that are borne by an another in a flowering plant.Girl
FuleswariA name of a river or lake.Girl
FuliTo bloom like a flowerGirl
FulkiSpark; Flame; Light; BrightnessGirl
FullaEither fuller or a young horseGirl
FullanRefers to budding or flowering.Girl
FullaraName of Kalketu's wife.Girl
FulmalaRefers to wreath or chaplet.Girl
FultushiGirl who is loving and darling.Girl
FulviaResembles yellow color.Girl
Fumiko (ふみこ)Academic or intellectual.Girl
FumnanyaLove meGirl
FumnayaThe person who wanted to love by someone.Girl
FundaThe general condition of body and mind.Girl
FunmilayoGift of God or God has brought me joy.Girl
FunoonDiversity or variation.Girl
FuradaRefers to exclusive or single.Girl
FurahaRefers to blissful or contented.Girl
FuratRefers to pleasant water or good water.Girl
FuroozanRefers to healthy and beaming.Girl
FuroughRefers to vividness or illumination.Girl
FurozanOne who has a glowing radianceGirl
FursatPerfect time or exact time.Unisex
FusaylahA Sindhi term for some distanceGirl
FuseelahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
FutunCharms or attractions.Girl

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