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The letter G describes an analytical and philosophical girl who loves to study and travel. These girls are thoroughly imaginative, which makes them extremely inspiring to be around. Their way of thinking is completely out of the box, and their souls are visionary. These creative individuals and lateral thinkers rely a lot on their instincts and analyze things from every angle before taking the final decision.

In numerology, the letter G is associated with the number seven, which explains their high expectation from other people and disappointment when the expectations are not met. These meditative personalities are highly attracted to religion and spirituality as well.

The only concern is that G girls do not pay heed to advice and don’t like to listen to anyone whose thoughts do not align with them. So your girl can give you a pretty hard time in her teens. Also, the great intelligence and brain power can even bring drawbacks such as irritability and indecisiveness. But with the correct guidance, she can surely leave a strong mark on the world.

So if you’re searching for an uncommon baby girl name starting with G, you’re at the right place. Apart from traditional ones such as Gabrielle, Grace, and Gina, there are hundreds of other baby girl names starting with the letter G in MomJunction's tool. Take a look!

GargeolaisA good natured and generous individualGirl
GargiName of a learned woman, goddess durgaGirl
GariThe one who is very fair or a girl who is having a spear.Girl
GarianaLatin - Charm, Grace; A derivative of name GraceGirl
GaribIn a very pathetic situation.Girl
GarimaProwess, strength, honorGirl
GariyashiRefers to bigger or larger.Girl
GarlanGarland of flowersGirl
GarlenRefers to bunch of flowers.Girl
GarmaGoddess of danceGirl
GarnetteA girl who wears red color ornaments.Girl
GartriteA responsible and self sufficient human beingGirl
GartrudeOne who has the spear of strengthGirl
GashaOne who is very kind to others and possessing best qualities.Girl
GasiraOne who is brave.Girl
GasparaThe one who is rich in wealth.Girl
GataA cat or a woman have the quality of catGirl
GathaRefers to melody or hymn or a taleGirl
GathbiyyaOne who is nice looking and gorgeous.Girl
GathbiyyahA gorgeous or beautiful ladyGirl
GathibiyyaA beautiful and gorgeous ladyGirl
GathibiyyahA pretty and gorgeous ladyGirl
GathoniShe is an in law.Girl
GatiSpeed; Fast; Progressive; Destiny; Course; On GoingGirl
GatitaA riverGirl
GatsbyA left-handed person, or a person from GatUnisex
GatsharanLiberated by Taking Shelter of Guru; Ornament; PearlGirl
GatsimarIndependence through intermediation.Girl
GattyThe speed of an objectGirl
GauharA pearlGirl
GauraGoddess parvati also a name of a raagaGirl
GaurangiPretty one and charming person like a holy cow.Girl
GauriFair, White; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
GaurikaYoung ladyGirl
GauritaHoly Parvati or spiritual Parvati.Girl
GautamiRiver godavari in indiaGirl
GavinA little white falconUnisex
GavinaThe attacker who is white in complexion.Girl
GaviviThe one who loves money of wealth.Girl
GavrielaLady of God, God's female child, damsel of the most high God.Girl
GavriellaGod is my supernatural power.Girl
GavrilaGod is my strengthGirl
GavrillaRefers to good quality and condition.Girl
GavyaGarden of GodGirl
GavynWhite falconUnisex
GawaJoy and happinessGirl
GawahirVariant form of Jawahir (precious stones or jewels)Girl

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