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The letter G describes an analytical and philosophical girl who loves to study and travel. These girls are thoroughly imaginative, which makes them extremely inspiring to be around. Their way of thinking is completely out of the box, and their souls are visionary. These creative individuals and lateral thinkers rely a lot on their instincts and analyze things from every angle before taking the final decision.

In numerology, the letter G is associated with the number seven, which explains their high expectation from other people and disappointment when the expectations are not met. These meditative personalities are highly attracted to religion and spirituality as well.

The only concern is that G girls do not pay heed to advice and don’t like to listen to anyone whose thoughts do not align with them. So your girl can give you a pretty hard time in her teens. Also, the great intelligence and brain power can even bring drawbacks such as irritability and indecisiveness. But with the correct guidance, she can surely leave a strong mark on the world.

So if you’re searching for an uncommon baby girl name starting with G, you’re at the right place. Apart from traditional ones such as Gabrielle, Grace, and Gina, there are hundreds of other baby girl names starting with the letter G in MomJunction's tool. Take a look!

GenifferThe girl who is fair and nice looking.Girl
GénînGod is graciousGirl
GeniseGod has shown his mercy upon me.Girl
GeniveeOf the race of women.Girl
GenjiWho is most valuable as Gold.Girl
GennThe one who is spiritually open minded.Girl
GennaA form of JennaGirl
GenneaRefers to normal time period between successive generations.Girl
GenneighThe sea waves of white colorGirl
GenneyRefers to the hard waves in the sea which reflects in white color.Girl
GenniWho is charming and plain.Girl
GenniferThe one who is fairer and pretty.Girl
GennyThe one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fair.Girl
GennyeThe virgin girl, pureGirl
GennyferOne who is pretty and fairGirl
GenovefaThe one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.Girl
GenoveffaItalian accent of Genevieve (snowy wave)Girl
GenovevaSpanish and Portuguese form of Genevieve (White color wave)Girl
GenowefaPolish accent of Genevieve (Wave that reflects white color)Girl
GentaA type of flower, Gentian floret.Girl
GentryThe one who has high dignity by his birth.Unisex
GenyShort form of Jennifer, means the sea waves which shines in white color.Girl
GeoffreyA man of peaceUnisex
GeonnaGod has chosen me.Girl
GeoreteA farmer who tills the soilGirl
GeorgeanneA combination of Georgia and AnnGirl
GeorgeinaOne who owns a farm house.Girl
GeorgenaAgrarian or planter.Girl
GeorgeneA familiar form of GeorgiaGirl
GeorgesAn agriculturist or a planterGirl
GeorgetaRefers to grower or rancher.Girl
GeorgetteThe person who works with soil, seeds and plants.Unisex
GeorgiaFeminine form of georgeGirl
GeorgianaA form of GeorgeannaGirl
GeorgiannA cultivator or one who plantsGirl
GeorgiannaSimilar to GeorgeannaGirl
GeorgianneThe person who cultivates plants.Girl
GeorgieA familiar form of GeorgeanneGirl
GeorginaA form of GeorgiaGirl
GeorgineA planter who works in a farm.Girl
GeornaOne who tills the soil for plantationGirl
GeovanaGod has bestowed his favours upon me.Girl
GeovanniGod has shown his courtesy upon me.Girl
GeraldOne who rules with the spearUnisex
GeraldaOne who can handle the spear very well.Girl
GeraldeneRefers to commanding with the spear.Girl
GeraldinaOne who is capable to spear fight.Girl
GeraldineMighty with a Spear; Spear Ruler; Ruler with the Spear; Feminine of GeraldGirl
GeralynOne who controls with spear.Girl

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