176 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ge

GeaRefers to the earth or universe.Girl
GeacOne who belongs to the earthGirl
GeanaGod is most merciful and kindful.Girl
GearldinePerson who is commanding with the spear.Girl
GeashnaRefers to an overcomer or winner or champion.Girl
GebyGod's Able Bodied One; A variant of GabyGirl
GeddiOne who is beloved of GodGirl
GedlaOne who belongs to the place called GedlingUnisex
GeelaEcstasy, bliss or elation.Girl
GeenaA well-born womanGirl
GeetSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaUnisex
GeetaSong, bhagwad gitaGirl
Geeta SuhaniOne of the spiritual books in Hindu religion.Girl
GeetanandThe Lord of GeetaGirl
GeetanjaliOne who sings spiritual songs as submission to the God.Girl
GeetiA songGirl
GeetikaVery tiny melodious song.Girl
GeetleenOne who is fascinated by the blissful songs.Girl
GeetuSomeone who's very special.Girl
GefionOne who bestows treasures.Girl
GefjunThe person who provides prosperity.Girl
GehennaNew Testament version of hellGirl
GehnaRefers to something used to beautify.Girl
GeinaA divine Angel of God.Girl
GeirbjorgSister of Bersi, the godless.Girl
GeirridSister of Geirrod.Girl
GelaThe person who is enchanted and charmed.Girl
GelainA still or calm or tranquilGirl
GelarahRefers to eyes, one of the parts of human body.Girl
GelilahRolling hillsGirl
GelineThe angel from the heavenGirl
GelisaGirl with yellow color or golden color hair.Girl
GellaOne with golden hair, genesis originGirl
GelleiaA yellow coloures girlGirl
GelseyNative floret of Asia, Jasmine.Girl
GelsominaA kind of shrub with white color sweet smelling flowers.Girl
GemThe one who is precious as a gem stone.Girl
GemaGirl who is treasurable as a precious stone.Girl
GemetteA treasurable or precious personGirl
GemiRefers to uncertain or unsure life time.Unisex
GeminiMeans two babies who were born together, two babies in single birth, twins.Unisex
GemmaJewel; Precious Stone; GemGirl
GemmariahA precious gem of a girl, virginGirl
GenThe lady of the congregation.Girl
GenaineA tribal woman or a QueenGirl
GenamarieA virgin tribal girlGirl
GenaveeSnowy waves in the sea or ocean.Girl
GenayaThe waves in the sea or ocean seen white in color.Girl
GencelinaA queen from the heavenGirl
GeneRefers to upper class or high class born.Unisex
GeneceThe form of Janice (God is merciful)Girl
GeneraRefers to common, overall or universal.Girl
GenerosaOne who is willing to give and share unstintingly.Girl
GenerysThe woman who is fair in complexion.Girl
GeneseeThe valley or dell which looks neat and clean.Girl
GenesiaNew born or newcomer to the family or society.Girl
GenetRefers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.Unisex
GenethPerson who is very close to God.Girl
GenetteThe God is kindful.Girl
GenevaJuniper shrub, small tree with berry cones.Girl
GeneveWoman who is engaging in running.Girl
GeneviaJuniper berryGirl
GenevieWoman of the society or community.Girl
GenevieveTirbe womanGirl
GeneviveThe population of female sex.Girl
GenevraThe person who is fair minded and charming.Girl
GeneyRefers to confinement or birth.Girl
GeniaRefers to peer of the realm.Girl
GenicaCombination of Genevieve (population of women) and Jessica (The merchant of Venice)Girl
GenieWho is honourable and gallant.Girl
GenievreInfammation of the snowy waves.Girl
GeniferOne who has white or pale color hair.Girl
GenifferThe girl who is fair and nice looking.Girl
GeniseGod has shown his mercy upon me.Girl
GeniveeOf the race of women.Girl
GenjiWho is most valuable as Gold.Girl
GennThe one who is spiritually open minded.Girl
GennaA form of JennaGirl
GenneaRefers to normal time period between successive generations.Girl
GenneighThe sea waves of white colorGirl
GenneyRefers to the hard waves in the sea which reflects in white color.Girl
GenniWho is charming and plain.Girl
GenniferThe one who is fairer and pretty.Girl
GennyThe one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fair.Girl
GennyeThe virgin girl, pureGirl
GennyferOne who is pretty and fairGirl
GenovefaThe one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.Girl
GenoveffaItalian accent of Genevieve (snowy wave)Girl
GenovevaSpanish and Portuguese form of Genevieve (White color wave)Girl
GenowefaPolish accent of Genevieve (Wave that reflects white color)Girl
GentaA type of flower, Gentian floret.Girl
GentryThe one who has high dignity by his birth.Unisex
GenyShort form of Jennifer, means the sea waves which shines in white color.Girl
GeoffreyA man of peaceUnisex
GeonnaGod has chosen me.Girl
GeoreteA farmer who tills the soilGirl
GeorgeanneA combination of Georgia and AnnGirl

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