19 Baby Girl Names That Start With Gil

GilaGila is a female name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Gila is Eternal Joy.Girl
GilahGilah is a Hebrew female name. The meaning of the name Gilah is Eternal You or Eternal Joy and is a variation of the name Gila.Girl
GilanaMy joy is eternalGirl
GilbertaGilberta is a female name that means Hostage. It is of French, Germanic and English origin.Girl
GilberteGilberte is a feminine version of the name Gilbert. It is of French origin and means Bright Pledge.Girl
GildaGilda is a female name and means Sacrifice, Tribute, Serves God. It is of German, Gothic and Celtic origin.Girl
GildanGildan is female English name. It means Gilded, Made of Gold.Girl
GiliaGilia is a female Hebrew name with the meaning Joy of the Lord.Girl
GiliamGiliam is a female name and meansYoung, Youthful. It is of Celtic and Gaelic originsGirl
GilianGilian is a Celtic, Galeic female name and means Youthful, mostly used in English speaking countries.Girl
GilianaThe female name Giliana is of Latin origins and means Graceful, Belssing.Girl
GilianeGiliane is a female name and means Graceful, Blessing. It is a variation of the name Giliana and has Latin and French origins.Girl
GillianGillian is a female name of Latin origins. It means Blessing.Girl
GillieThe meaning of Gillie is Bright Sky. Gillie is a female name of Latin and Germanic origin.Girl
GillienGillien is a female name of Celtic and Gaelic orogins and means Young, Youthful. Gillien is a variation of the name Gilian.Girl
GillotThe name Gillot is an English female name. It means The one who Unexpectadly Rejcets a Lover.Girl
GillotaFemale English name, variation of the name Gillot. Means a Woman who Unexpectedly Recets a Lover.Girl
GillyThe name Gilly means flower, Gillyflower. It is of German, Gaelic and Irish origin and a female name.Girl
GilmaGilma is a Pourtugese female name and means The One Who Advances, The One Who Goes Forward.Girl

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