37 Baby Girl Names That Start With Gl

GladGlad means Happy in English and derived from Welsh Teritorial RulerGirl
GladaThe name Glada is an Italian name and means JadeGirl
GladiolaGladiola means Sword.Girl
GladisGladis is a Welsh name and means LameGirl
GladstoneGladstone means Flat Stones. It is mostly used as a surname.Girl
GladyceThe name Gladyce means Sword.Girl
GladysGladys comes from a Latin word and means SwordGirl
GlaedwineGlaedwine comes from the word "gwald" and means CountryGirl
GlafiraGlafira comes from old Greek and means EleganrGirl
GlainThe name Glain means JewelGirl
GlannaCornish vocabulary name meaning pure.Girl
GlauciaFrom the Latin word "glaucus" and means Bluish GreyGirl
GledaGleda in English means Happy, and in Welsh it means LameGirl
GlemaGlema means Glen, ValleyGirl
GlencoraGlencora means Lady of the Valley or Heart of the ValleyGirl
GlendaGlenda means Holy and Good.Girl
GlenisGlenis means Fair, Good, HolyGirl
GlennGlenn is a female name and means ValleyGirl
GlennaGlenna means From the Glen or From the ValleyGirl
GlennieGlennie means The One who is From the ValleyGirl
GlennisGennis means Glen, Valley and is of Gaelic originGirl
GlenysThe name Glenys means Fair, Good.Girl
GlindaGlinda means Good, a Fair WomanGirl
GloraThe name Glora is a Latin name and means Glory.Girl
GloriaGloria means Glory in LatinGirl
GlorianaGlorious Grace; Glory; Derived from the Latin word GloriaGirl
GlorianeGloriane means Glorious Grace.Girl
GloriannaThe meaning of the name Glorianna comes from Latin and means GloryGirl
GlorielleGlorielle means She, who is Gloriuous.Girl
GluckeA woman with a good fortune.Girl
GlynGlyn means Fair, Good or the One from the ValleyGirl
GlyndaName Glynda means Fair, Beautiful, GoodGirl
GlynisGlynis means the One who comes from the ValleyGirl
GlynnMeaning of Glynn is Fair.Girl
GlynnesGlynnes is a female name and means GoodGirl
GlynnisGlynnis means From the Glen and is female nameGirl

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