1068 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter H

Baby Girl Names Starts With H

The letter H, equivalent to number eight in numerology is synonymous with power, creativity, and wisdom. This number has influenced several revolutionary figures, including those who sacrificed themselves to support the poor and oppressed. H girls have the capability and vibrations to give much to the world because they are stable, efficient, reliable, and independent, precisely the kind of people the world needs more of. Number eight people also stand tall in adverse situations. In fact, the more difficult the situation, the more they rise to the occasion.

H girls are sensitive and patient by nature and work really hard to achieve their goals. They tend to see the bigger picture, that too, from a higher perspective. The letter H also brings with itself creative skills. So it would be a very good idea to encourage your girl’s artistic skills if you happen to pick this letter for her name.

However, it’s advised that girls with this letter in their initial should fight any doubt they have and spend most of their time outdoors.

Below is MomJunction's list of baby names starting with the letter H. You can find meaning, origin, and religion for each name just by clicking on it.

Haileesilage clearing, Hay woodsUnisex
HaileighValley in the mountains ; From Glen; A variant of Hailey; A variant form of HailaGirl
HaileyVariant of Hayley, the place name in OxfordshireGirl
HailieValley in the mountains ; From Glen; A variant of Hailey; A variant form of HailaGirl
HailyAlternate trendy spelling of the traditional Hailey or HayleyGirl
HaimaPersistance in love, Snow, Goddess ParvatiGirl
HaimantiBorn in the timings of hemantaGirl
HaimantikaGrowing in the winterGirl
HaimavathiOne of many names of Goddess Parvathi; Name of Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
HaimiGolden; One of many names of Goddess Parvati; SnowGirl
HaiqaObedient the God, Truely WorshiperGirl
HairudShe of fame and honorGirl
HaisleyGift of moon or Beautiful personGirl
HaitukaWell WisherGirl
HajaraArabic - Emigrant; Abandoned; A variant of HajarGirl
HajarahVery Hot Afternoon; AbandonedGirl
HajeeraJoy, adore, Beauty, lovelinessGirl
HajiraThe wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Name of Prophet Ismaeel's mother.Girl
HajirafazalCombination of 2 names, Lovely, HappyGirl
HajjPilgrimage to the Holy City of MakkahUnisex
HajjahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
HajjiVariation of Haji, Persons completed the Hajj to MeccaUnisex
HajnaName of Nusayb's daughter. She was a poetess.Girl
HajrahProphet Ibrahim (A.S) WifeGirl
HakeemaSage, Prudent, Judicious, Feminine of HakeemGirl
HakimaSensible, WiserGirl
HakimahA wise and judicious woman.Girl
HalaRound around the Moon, HaloGirl
HalahNimble; Aureole, Like the light of MoonGirl
HalcyonCalm; Derived from the name of a Greek mythological sea birdGirl
HaldaOne who is half DanishGirl
HaldanaA woman who is Half Danish.Girl
HaldisTeutonic - Spirit of Stone; Old Norse - Firm HelperUnisex
HaldoraOne who is half spirited.Girl
HaleeOld English - Hay Clearing; Hay Meadow; A variant spelling of HayleyGirl
HaleemaPatient, Sympathetic,Gentle, Mild, HumaneGirl
Haleema = gentleKind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, PatientGirl
HaleemahKind, enduring, caringGirl
HaleenaOf the lightGirl
Haleighfield of hayGirl
HalenaLight, Brightness, Shining OneGirl
HaleneA dedicated womanGirl
HaleyClearing, MeadowGirl
HalfridaA peaceful heroineGirl
HalfrithPeaceful house, peaceful homeGirl
HalfrytaFriendlier Home,Girl
HaliaRemembrance of a loved one; MemorialUnisex
Haliehay meadow, Variant of HayleyGirl
HalifaFriend, or ones who always stay together.Girl

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