46 Baby Girl Names That Start With Hal

HalaRound around the Moon, HaloGirl
HalahNimble; Aureole, Like the light of MoonGirl
HalcyonCalm; Derived from the name of a Greek mythological sea birdGirl
HaldaOne who is half DanishGirl
HaldanaA woman who is Half Danish.Girl
HaldisTeutonic - Spirit of Stone; Old Norse - Firm HelperUnisex
HaldoraOne who is half spirited.Girl
HaleeOld English - Hay Clearing; Hay Meadow; A variant spelling of HayleyGirl
HaleemaPatient, Sympathetic,Gentle, Mild, HumaneGirl
Haleema = gentleKind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, PatientGirl
HaleemahKind, enduring, caringGirl
HaleenaOf the lightGirl
Haleighfield of hayGirl
HalenaLight, Brightness, Shining OneGirl
HaleneA dedicated womanGirl
HaleyClearing, MeadowGirl
HalfridaA peaceful heroineGirl
HalfrithPeaceful house, peaceful homeGirl
HalfrytaFriendlier Home,Girl
HaliaRemembrance of a loved one; MemorialUnisex
Haliehay meadow, Variant of HayleyGirl
HalifaFriend, or ones who always stay together.Girl
HalimaHalima is Patient, Tolerant; Gentle; Mild mannered; GenerousGirl
HalimahGentle, Soft-spoken, Mild mannerGirl
HalimeGentle, MildGirl
HalinaGreek - Light; Brightness; ShiningGirl
HalinkaCalm, PeacefulGirl
HalinorA combination name of Hal and Eleanor; Hal is Celtic for chief, and Eleanor is Latin for shining light;Girl
HallaAn unexpected gift, Half ProtectedGirl
HalldisA firm helperGirl
HalldoraThunder, or thunder goddessGirl
HalleHalle is Heroine; A variant is Halli; It is derived from Hallr which means rockGirl
HalleighVariation of Hailey whcih means Hay's meadowGirl
HalleliGreatly praisedGirl
HallfridOne who is half beautiful.Girl
HallfritaPeaceful HomeGirl
HallgerdOne who is half protected.Girl
HalliArmy, worrier, hqay clearingUnisex
HallieShort form of "hallelujah."Girl
HallyArmy Power; Strong in WarGirl
HaloPurest light; Divine Light; Shinning LightGirl
HalokeResembling a SalmonGirl
HalonaIroquois Indian meaning Happy FortuneGirl
HalyatJewel, Gemstone, OrnamentGirl
HalynUnique; Not very commonGirl

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