225 Baby Girl Names That Start With He

HeA harmonu and peace th eriver bringsUnisex
HeaHappily Ever After, Happiest personGirl
HeagythA Tree nameGirl
Heahburghigh fortressGirl
Heahgythpractical, responsible, stable natureGirl
Heahthrythstrength, forceGirl
HealingTo restore to healthUnisex
HeallfrithPeaceful homeGirl
Heathuburgexpressive, fun-loving natureGirl
HeatrisDependable, self-sufficientGirl
HeavenA paradise, a promised landUnisex
HeavenlyA variant form of Heaven; A variant spelling is HavannaGirl
HebaThe Gift of God; Generous GiftGirl
HebbaGift from AllahGirl
HebesA youthful dameGirl
HecaA woman of many affairsGirl
HecateName of a Greek sorceress. It means far off.Girl
HedaBattle; female warriorGirl
HeddaRefuge in the war.Girl
HeddeStruggle, fighter, warriorGirl
HeddiWarfare, Strife, StruggleGirl
HedenaFrom the field of flowersGirl
HedheueA wise woman who was a counselGirl
Hedicontention and strifeGirl
HedlyField of heatherUnisex
HedraHebrew - Joy; A variant form of the Hebrew ChedraGirl
Hedvajoy, gladnessGirl
HedvigGermanic - Struggle; Fighter; Warrior; A variant form is Hedwig; Hedvig is a variant of name HeddaGirl
HedvigeFighter or refuge in battle. It is a variation of Hedwig.Girl
HedvikaWar refuge.Girl
HedyPleasant, EnjoyableGirl
HedyaThe voice or echo of godGirl
Hee-Young (희영)Joy and prosperity, a girl who brings joy and prosperity wherever she goes.Girl
HeelaTo hope; To wishGirl
HeeniHeeni is the Maori form of Jane. It means Jehovah has been gracious.Girl
HeerPower, riches, pureGirl
HeeraAn Exalted Person, Diamond-LikeGirl
HeerkaniAn Exalted Person, Diamond-Like; A variant of name HeeraGirl
HeetWell Wisher; Love; AffectionGirl
HegeMeditation; Word; Separation; A variant of name HelgaGirl
HeghineLight; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; LuminantGirl
HehildeHigh battleGirl
HeiGrace, beauty, charmGirl
Hei Ryung (헤이 령)Grace and brightnessGirl
Hei-Ran (헤이 란)Grace and orchid, a graceful orchid.Girl
HeidaNoble, honorbaleGirl
HeideLittle Miss, Young GirlGirl
Heidiof noble birthGirl
HeidieKind, humble, modestGirl
Heidyamazing, energetic, smartGirl
HeikeGermanic - House Owner; Lord of the manor; A Feminine form of name HeikoGirl
Heikohome head, home headGirl
HeilaGermanic - Healthy; WelloneGirl
HeilewisIntelligent, clever, intellectualGirl
HeilewisaIntellectual, clever, sharpGirl
HeilkeHealthy and safeGirl
HeilwigOne who remains strong in battle.Girl
HeiniActive, agile, suppleUnisex
HeirithaA worthy womanGirl
HejiraAny flight or journey to a more desirableGirl
HejsaA Danish surnameGirl
HelaName of the goddess of the underworld.Girl
HelahRusted, TarnishedGirl
HelaiHelai is a Pashto word for swanGirl
HelainShining light, glowing, brightGirl
HelaineBright, brilliant, vividGirl
HelanaLight, brightnessGirl
HeleHele is a form of Helen and means light.Girl
HeleanaIn mythology the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan War.Girl
Heleanora variant of HelenGirl
HeleddSunshine; Sunny; Estuary; Variant spelling of Welsh HeleddGirl
HeleenaCognate of the Greek HelenÄ", which is derived from the root Ä"lÄ" - light, torch, brightGirl
HeleentjeA diminutive of name Helen which means torch or corposantGirl
HelenShining light. The bright oneGirl
Helenan mythology the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan WarGirl
HelenannSun rayGirl
HelenkaIntense, strong, powerfulGirl
HelenorIllumination, lightGirl
HelevisaIntelligent, sharp, instinctualGirl
HelewisaBrilliant, bright, shiningGirl
HelewiseA variant of Old German name Helewidis, meaning hale and wideGirl
HelewysInsightful, shrewdGirl
HelewyseClever, smart, brainyGirl
HeleyneDazzling, stunning, amazingGirl
HelgaBlessed; Holy; A variant of Old Norse name Hella meaning Flat stone; Flag stone or Flat mountainGirl
HelinThe light of the sunGirl
HelinaBright, vivid, IntelligentGirl
HelisentTo be on the path of the templomGirl
HeljaName of a saga.Girl

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