226 Baby Girl Names That Start With He

HeljoBlessed, HolyGirl
HelkiNative American - TouchGirl
HellaSuccessful, victoriousGirl
HellainVictorious, championGirl
HellaineGlow, shine, FlushGirl
HellawesBlush, go red, reddenGirl
Helle"Blessed, holy"; Daughter of Athamas and Nephele; A variant of Old Norse name Hella meaning Flat stone; Flag stone or Flat mountainGirl
HelleboreName of a flower that blooms in the middle of winter.Girl
HellenaShine, standoutGirl
HellersonSon of HellerGirl
HelmaProtective, shielding, defendingGirl
HelmetProtection, guard, shieldGirl
HelmiPearl, precious thingGirl
HelmyA Gem of the SeaGirl
HeloísaA warrior, woman with a warrior spirit.Girl
Heloisefamous warriorGirl
HeloriOld English - GenerousGirl
HelsinName of Lancelot's mother.Girl
HelueuaA financial and successful individualGirl
HelvynyaA very rare Medieval name, user rarely even in the medieval timesGirl
HelynOld Greek - Bright One; Shining One; Hebrew - of Magdala; A variation of HelenGirl
Helysounean Old French form of the Germanic name AlahsindGirl
HemaDew DropUnisex
HemabinduA snow flake, a snow dropGirl
HemadriGolden HillsGirl
HemakshiOne who has golden eyes; Beautiful Radiant Golden EyesGirl
HemalaGolden EyesGirl
Hemalatagolden creeperGirl
HemalathaOne who is like a Golden Creeper or Golden VineGirl
HemaliTo Bring WealthGirl
HemamayaCovered with Full of GoldGirl
HemangiOne who is blessed with a golden beautiful bodyGirl
HemanginiOne who is blessed with a golden beautiful bodyGirl
HemaniOne of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
HemantiOne who is born in season of Hemant which is early winterGirl
HemaprabhaGolden Light; Golden Brightness and Radiance of rising time of sunGirl
HemashriOne who is blessed with a golden beautiful bodyGirl
HemavalaA girly name with lost meaningGirl
HemavatiOne of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
HemeraThe dayGirl
HemkantaGolden GirlGirl
HemkantiShine of FlowerGirl
HemkeshThe Queen of GoldGirl

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