19 Baby Girl Names That Start With Hen

HenaPoliteness, Someone who is polite, GraciousGirl
HendaYiddish word meaning favor or grace.Girl
HendinaHome RulerGirl
HendrikaRules the HouseGirl
Hengconstant, steady, persistentGirl
HeniCrown; royal and compassionateGirl
HenleeFrom the high wood landGirl
HenleighFrom the for above ground fieldGirl
HennaA flowering plant used to decorate ladies hands and bodyGirl
HennieKeeper of the hearth,Girl
HennyGermanic - House Owner; Lord of the manor; A diminutive form of HenriettaGirl
HenriaFrom the French Henri; Feminine form of German HeinrichGirl
HenriellaRuler of the house, a woman who rules the house.Girl
HenriennaA variant form of Henria which is feminine form of HeinrichGirl
HenriettaEnglish version of the French Henriette, HenriGirl
HenrietteRulaer of the homeGirl
Henrikahome rulerGirl
Henrykaruler of enclosure, home rulerGirl
HenyeGod is gracious.Girl

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