93 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ho

Ho-Sook (호숙)A clear lake.Girl
HoaA Type of FlowerGirl
HoanaGod is gracious and merciful.Girl
HocaA woman who is of low rankGirl
HoccaA name given to she who is of low rankGirl
HocgaAn Anglo-Saxon old girls nameGirl
HodaArabic name, meaning "guidance". Also transliterated as Hooda, Huda, and Houda.Girl
HodayaPraise GodGirl
HoddA woman whose hair is beautiful.Girl
HodeYiddish word for myrtle tree.Girl
HodiaWonders of GodGirl
HodiernaOf TodayGirl
Hoe (괭이)A Garden Tool Used to Loosen Soil, A korean dish of raw fishGirl
HohuBecome; A surnameGirl
HokakaA desirable womanGirl
HokaratchaPole CatGirl
HokhmahA lover of nature who loves outdoorsGirl
HoleyVarient HolleyGirl
HoliHoli is a variant transcription of HollyGirl
HolidayHoly Day' , Off working dayGirl
HolieTaken from the name of the holly tree, an evergreen whose stiff, glossy,Girl
HolikaLighting of ceremonial fire; Holika was a demoness who was killed on the day of HoliGirl
HolistonA name of the irish girlGirl
HollaceNear the HollyUnisex
HollandHolland is Land On The Ridge; toponomical surname indicative of ancestral origin in the Dutch region of HollandGirl
HolleBeloved, beloved of everyone.Girl
Holleaof the great hall, island manGirl
HolleeThe Holly Tree; Common Name Given Christmas Female BabiesGirl
HolleighThe Holly TreeGirl
HolleyForm of Holly; Holly GroveGirl
Holliof the great hall, island manGirl
HollidayThis Girl's name means "holy day." Variant spellings are Holiday and HalidayGirl
HollieA variant of the name 'Holly', which comes from the Old English name for the holly-tree.Girl
HollinVariant spelling of Hollen; Topographic name Holly TreeGirl
HollistonA Habitational name; Topographic name refering to Holly Tree; Variant of HollinGirl
HollyPlant With Red BerriesUnisex
HollyannA Habitational name; Topographic name refering to Holly Tree; Variant of HollinGirl
HollyanneAn evergreen Holly TreeGirl
HollyeForm of Holly; Holly GroveGirl
HollynA Habitational name; Topographic name refering to Holly Tree; Variant of HollinGirl
HolyeA version of the name Holy. A name of the plantGirl
HomThe sweet smell.Girl
HomaA mythical Bird; PheonixGirl
HomakalaWell Wisher; Good Person; FaithUnisex
HomashalaLord of Goodness; Kind, Compassionate and Benevolent GoddessUnisex
HomayunRoyal, fortunateGirl
HonaleiNamed after Hanalei, Hawaii; meaning heavenly landGirl

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