99 Baby Girl Names That Start With Hu

HuacaltzintliNative American - UnclearGirl
HuanFortunate, Happy, PleasedGirl
HubertaWoman with clever mindGirl
HuccaA low-born woman's nameGirl
HucelA girl of low heritageGirl
HucelaA baby girl of low ranksGirl
HuctiaAn Old English nameGirl
HudecaAn Anglo-Saxon girl's nameGirl
HuderA female name of Anglo-Saxon originGirl
HudesOne who is praised by everyone.Girl
HudunA woman who is quietGirl
HueHue (Hew) and Cry; WaGirl
HuelaFem. A Form Of HughGirl
HueloRay of lightGirl
HuemacName of a Toltec king.Unisex
HuettaMind; Intellect; name given to garden and irrigated landGirl
HuetteLittle Hugh; Female Version of HughGirl
HuettsLittle HughGirl
HufriyaA woman having much love in her heart.Girl
HugOne who is full of spirit.Unisex
HuggaA spiritual, heartfelt personGirl
Hughettebright in mind and spiritgirl
Hugolinabright spiritgirl
HuhuluThe one who glowsGirl
HuihanaMaori word for lily or lotus.Girl
HuixtocihuatlName of Aztec fertility goddessGirl
Hujayrahnarrator of hadithgirl
HukEnglish - Resembling the fruit;Honest,Pervading, OrderlyGirl
Hukaymahumaymah's and ruqayqah's grand daughtergirl
Hukaymanmahmood bin muhammad(reciter of quran) daughtersgirl
HukmeeCommander, The One With Authority; God Like; One with the power to command; A variant spelling is HukmiGirl
Hukmicommander,the one with authoritygirl
Hulahenchanting womangirl
HuldIcelandic term for secret.Girl
HuldaLoved One; Hiding; Secrecy; Sweet; Lovable; A variant transcription is HuldGirl
HuldahLoved One; Hiding; Secrecy; Sweet; Lovable; A variant transcription is HuldaGirl
HuldeBeloved, dear to everyone.Girl
HumaLucky Bird; Phoenix; The Huma bird is a legendary bird from Persian mythGirl
Humaalucky birdgirl
Humaidabright red colourgirl
HumailaGolden NecklaceGirl
Humairahdark red colourgirl
Humayrahred colourgirl
Humeiracolour of redgirl
Hummairacherry colourgirl
Hunaidahsmall of hindgirl
HunapoHidden darknessUnisex
Hunaydahhadith's narrator(sindhi language)girl
HunoonA compassionate and loving woman.Girl
HunorA name of a Hungarian ethnic groupUnisex
HunuSunray or sun in the Maori language.Unisex
HunusA chaste and pious womanGirl
HunyddA woman who is mentioned in poetryGirl
HuongVietnamese - Scent Of The FlowerGirl
HuraWoman who has freedomGirl
HurairaA reddish womanGirl
HurairahOne who is like a little cat, a kittenUnisex
HuraivaShe is like a kittenGirl
HureairaOne who is like a red starGirl
HuriyahShe who is the virgin of the paradiseGirl
HuriyyahShe is an angelGirl
HurriyaA feeling of liberation and freedomGirl
HurriyyahA beautifully radiant womanGirl
HusainaA beautiful womanGirl
HusainiBeautiful oneGirl
HusanahA very beautiful, gorgeous girlGirl
HusayDeer or gazelle, a small and slender antelope with curved hornsGirl
HusewyfThe wife of a householderGirl
HusewyuaOne who looks the household choresGirl
HushaimaA modest womanGirl
HusnA beauty, graceGirl
HusnaThe most beautiful girlGirl
HusnaraA grooming beauty of womanGirl
HusniOne of beauty and excellenceUnisex
HusniaA girl who is beautifulGirl
HusniyaA beauty of the womanGirl
HusniyahA gorgeous womanGirl
HusniyyaA muslim name for girlsGirl
HusoSadness of the bride.Girl
HutoshWell formedGirl
HuttenA knowledgable smart personUnisex
HutunAhe is like a rainy cloudGirl
HuwaydahShe is very genteGirl
HuyenVietnamese - Jet blackGirl
HuzuzWomen of great fortuneGirl
HuzzaMuslim girl nameGirl

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