267 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter I

Baby Girl Names Starts With I

All the letters in the name have a meaning, but it’s the first letter that is more potent. The initial, with all the intrinsic energy, has the power to determine the choices and decision, which go on to shape your life. So if you’re going for the letter I for your daughter’s name and are wondering about the secret behind the initial, then read on!

A name starting with the letter I will inspire your daughter to be a generous, kind, and enthusiastic human being. She will willingly put others’ needs before her own and will have lots of compassion, understanding, and sensitivity, which will inspire affection, love, and friendship in whoever she meets or helps.

Your daughter is even likely to obey law and order and will try to make peace between conflicting parties. All these qualities will make her an excellent teacher, counselor, and psychologist.

On the downside, the artistic temperament coming with this initial can give your daughter a moody and mysterious appearance. She may even come across as proud-y and vain to some people.

Impeccable and interesting, the letter I has some of the unique and gorgeous baby girl names. And you can find most of them in MomJunction's list below.

IaViolet flowersGirl
IakobinaIakobina is the Bulgarian version of Jaclyn and means God will add.Girl
IanthePurple flowerGirl
IaraThe name is derived from y-iara, the name of a water nymph or siren in the Tupi mythology of Brazil.Girl
IbbNoble strengthGirl
IberniaA woman belonging to Ireland.Girl
IbharOpen like the oceanGirl
IbidolapoA term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth together.Girl
IbidunThe birth was sweet.Girl
IbilolaA girl who is born in riches.Girl
IbironkeThe family will love this child.Girl
IbratWisdom to learn from experience.Girl
IbthajJoy, a girl who brings joy wherever she goes.Girl
IbtihalSupplication and prayer.Girl
IbtisamSmile, a girl with a smiling face.Girl
IbukunadeThe blessings have come to me.Girl
IbukunoluwaThe blessings of God.Girl
IchpochtonLittle daughterGirl
IchtacaNahuatl word for secret.Unisex
IcnoyotlNahuatl word for friendship.Unisex
IdaA woman who is hardworkingGirl
IdaiaAn active and fragile woman.Girl
IdaliaBehold the sunGirl
IdaramfonHappiness is free.Girl
IditriOne who praisesGirl
IdnaActive, one who is active and agile.Girl
IdonaNorse goddess of the apples of eternal youth.Girl
IdoniaIndustrious and fruitful.Girl
IdowuA daughter who is born after twins.Girl
IdrisLord of StudiousUnisex
IdunOne who is active.Girl
IdunaShe who is active in loveGirl
IdunnTo renew nature or active in love.Girl
IeishaAlive or she who lives.Girl
IfechiluruWhat God has done.Girl
IfechukwuThe light of God.Girl
IfedayoLove has turned to joy.Girl
IfedeLove is here.Girl
IfedimmaSomething goodGirl
IfedolaoluwaGod has blessed our love.Girl
IfedolapoWealth has been mixed with love.Girl
IfejesukristiThe love of Jesus Christ.Girl
IfekristiThe light of Christ.Unisex
IfelayoLove is peace.Girl
IfeoluwadolapoGod's love has brought us wealth.Girl

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