286 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter I

Baby Girl Names Starts With I

All the letters in the name have a meaning, but it’s the first letter that is more potent. The initial, with all the intrinsic energy, has the power to determine the choices and decision, which go on to shape your life. So if you’re going for the letter I for your daughter’s name and are wondering about the secret behind the initial, then read on!

A name starting with the letter I will inspire your daughter to be a generous, kind, and enthusiastic human being. She will willingly put others’ needs before her own and will have lots of compassion, understanding, and sensitivity, which will inspire affection, love, and friendship in whoever she meets or helps.

Your daughter is even likely to obey law and order and will try to make peace between conflicting parties. All these qualities will make her an excellent teacher, counselor, and psychologist.

On the downside, the artistic temperament coming with this initial can give your daughter a moody and mysterious appearance. She may even come across as proud-y and vain to some people.

Impeccable and interesting, the letter I has some of the unique and gorgeous baby girl names. And you can find most of them in MomJunction's list below.

IlincaFeminine form of Romanian Ilie, meaning the Lord is my God.Girl
IlisapesiThe blessed one.Girl
IliyaA feminine form of Elijah. Means the Lord is my God.Girl
IljaYahweh is my God.Girl
IlliyeenHigh status, or exalted.Girl
IlmaKnowledge and intelligence.Girl
IlmaWill or desireGirl
IlsaVariation of Elizabeth which means Pledged to GodGirl
IluunaGreenlandic variant form of Iluna, meaning moon.Girl
ImajuikShe who is meek and quietGirl
ImamaLeadership or command. One with leadership qualities.Girl
ImaneVariation of Iman which means faithGirl
ImaniVariation of Iman which means faithGirl
ImanuelaGod is among us.Girl
ImbianaTitle of a unity song in Nigeria.Girl
ImenFaith or beliefUnisex
ImínguaĸSweet little waterGirl
ImkeA form of Imka, meaning Imke.Girl
ImmaculataOne who is perfect and immaculate.Girl
ImmeFrisian form of Irmgard, meaning universal, or fenceGirl
ImtihalA polite and obedient girl.Girl
ImtithalPolite obedienceGirl
InaIlluminate, light upUnisex
InaayaGift from God or one to beholdGirl
ÍnaliátaHouse rulerGirl
InayaConcern, CareGirl
IndahBeautiful, a beautiful woman. A variation of Endah.Girl
IndeelaLike a nightingale.Girl
IndiaDerived from river Indus Country nameGirl
IndigoThe color dark blueUnisex
IndrakshiThe one with beautiful eyesGirl
IndraniIndrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of IndraGirl
IndukalaThe moonlightGirl
IndumaMalayali term for moon.Girl
IndumukhiA woman with a moon like face.Girl
IndusaDesire for a system.Girl
InesOne who is gentle and pureGirl
InesaShe who is kind and innocentGirl
InezSpanish variation of Agnes which means Pure or VirginalGirl
IneĸoSweet, cuteGirl
IneĸunâĸBeautiful, sweet and attractiveGirl
IngaThe hero's daughterGirl
IngabergDaughter of a hero.Girl

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