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50 Baby Girl Names That Start With In

Ina Illuminate, light up Unisex
Inaaya Gift from God or one to behold Girl
Ínaliáta House ruler Girl
Inaya Concern, Care Girl
Inda Pleasure Girl
Indah Beautiful, a beautiful woman. A variation of Endah. Girl
Indeela Like a nightingale. Girl
India Derived from river Indus Country name Girl
Indigo The color dark blue Unisex
Indrakshi The one with beautiful eyes Girl
Indrani Indrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of Indra Girl
Indu Moon Girl
Indukala The moonlight Girl
Indulala Moonlight Girl
Induma Malayali term for moon. Girl
Indumukhi A woman with a moon like face. Girl
Indusa Desire for a system. Girl
Ines One who is gentle and pure Girl
Inesa She who is kind and innocent Girl
Inez Spanish variation of Agnes which means Pure or Virginal Girl
Ineĸo Sweet, cute Girl
Ineĸunâĸ Beautiful, sweet and attractive Girl
Inga The hero's daughter Girl
Ingaberg Daughter of a hero. Girl
Inge The foremost one. Girl
Ingeborg Of the goddess Frøy Girl
Ingegerd Ing's enclosure Girl
Ingibjörg Protection or castle. Girl
Ingigerd Name of Dagstygg's sister. Girl
Íngipôĸ To help, save, rescue Girl
Ingjerd Of the goddess Frøy Girl
Ingram Ing's raven Girl
Ingrid Daughter of a hero Girl
Ingrida A beautiful woman Girl
Ingumba One who is easy going. Girl
Ingunn Of the goddess Frøy Girl
Ingvild Ing's power Girl
Ini Time Girl
Inia A body of water. Girl
Inika Little earth, small earth Girl
Inina Glimmer of light Girl
Iniya Sweet Girl
Injila Shining, brilliant, glittering and glistening Girl
Inna Ukrainian term for fast flowing stream. Girl
Inôraĸ Little human being Girl
Intarîna Greenlandic form of Hendrina, meaning house ruler. Girl
Inten A variant of Intan, meaning diamond Girl
Intisar Triumph Girl
Inugpaluk Dear little Girl
Inzali Prayer, offerings Girl

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