26 Baby Girl Names That Start With Is

IsaChamorro word for rainbow.Girl
IsabeauVariation of Isabel which means Pledged to GodGirl
IsabelMy God is an oathGirl
IsabelaPledged to GodGirl
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
IsabelleFrom Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundanceGirl
IsabellyA variant of Isabella, meaning God is my oath.Girl
IsadoraGift of IsisGirl
IsapoinhkyakiSinging crow woman.Girl
IseutIron battleGirl
IshtarName of an Assyrian Goddess.Girl
IshyaThe season spring.Girl
IsidoraGift of IsisGirl
IsiomaOne who is fortunate and blessed.Girl
IsisMythical goddess of magic.Girl
Iskra"Iskra is derived from a South Slavic word meaning ""spark""."Girl
IslaFrom Islay or Aileach, which means Rocky PlaceGirl
IsmetaInnocent, saved from sin.Girl
IsokenOne who is contented with her destiny.Girl
IsolabellaThe beautiful lonely one.Girl
IsoldaThe ruler of iceGirl
IsoldeIce RulerGirl
IsoudeName of Tristan's mother.Girl
IstirAssyrian form of Esther. It means bright star.Girl
IsuriShe who is lucky or fortunateGirl

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