1386 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter J

Baby Girl Names Starts With J

If you were under the impression that just the meaning of a name can influence your child’s traits and personality, then you may be wrong. Yes, the meaning of a name is important, but what can possibly decide your child’s destiny is the initial you pick for him. Few letters are known to have a powerful impact on a baby girl’s life, and one of them is ‘J’.

The letter J is associated with number one, the most influential and powerful numbers. Girls with this initial want to be in charge, whether it’s from behind the scenes or up front. These assertive and original thinking people are always very sure about themselves. J girls are even excellent actors and can easily pick on the persona, which they wish others to see and believe.

Furthermore, this letter is also associated with compassion and kindness. Your baby girl is a lot more likely to be family oriented and can look for a career that fits around her personal commitments if you choose this letter for her name.

Jane, Jenny, and Julia are just a few examples of the baby girl names starting with the letter J. And there are hundreds of other beautiful names, waiting to be discovered. Check them out in MomJunction's list below.

JafeA woman who is a beautyGirl
JafitShe who is beautiful.Girl
JagacitraWonder of the Universe; In Sanskrit it literally means universe taken as a pictureGirl
JagadambaOne who is the mother to the universeGirl
JagadambikaName of the Goddess DurgaGirl
JaganmataShe is the mother of the universeGirl
JaganmayeeGoddess LaxmiGirl
JaganmohiniThe name of Goddess DurgaGirl
JagannathaThe Queen of the WorldGirl
JagienkaLamb of God; Diminutive of Agnieszka; A variant form of AgnesGirl
JagodaA girl sweet as a strawberryGirl
JagratiAwakening; Awareness; One who has great worldly knowledgeGirl
JagrutiAwakening; Awareness; One who has great worldly knowledgeGirl
JagviWorldly; One who has great worldly knowledgeGirl
JahaanShe is the whole worldGirl
JahanA Persian word for the UniverseGirl
Jahan AaraAdornment of the world.Girl
Jahan-araShe is the Queen of the UnoverseGirl
JahanaaraShe is the worldGirl
JahanaraA woman who lives and flowersGirl
JahankhatoonA persian poetGirl
JahannaThe woman of the entire worldGirl
JahanviName of the Ganga riverGirl
JahazielA Biblical name, meaning seeing God.Girl
JahedaA woman who strives in lifeGirl
JahiaOne widely knownGirl
JahidaA har working womanGirl
JahinA woman with a good pedigreeGirl
JahiraOne who is like a jewelGirl
JahmelaA good-looking girlGirl
JahmeliaA beautiful african womanGirl
JahmillaShe is a pretty womanGirl
JahnaviThe daughter of the Ganga riverGirl
JahniyaOne with an ancient wisdomGirl
JahzaraA blessed princessGirl
JaibrianJaibrian means blue bird, Strength and NobleGirl
JaidayalThe kindness has woGirl
JaideOne who is like a green gemstoneUnisex
JaidlynnA girl with jaded eyesGirl
JailaHebrew - Mountain Goat; A variant of JaelGirl
JailandA youthful. energetic and talented individualGirl
JaileneBeautiful like a birdGirl
JailynShe is the birg of lightGirl
JaimaShe is a stnad-in, a supplanterGirl
JaimahShe is a replacementGirl
JaimalaGarland of victoryGirl
JaimallaShe is well-known for her beautyGirl
JaimeeShe is the heelholderGirl
JaiminStrifes to Triumph; Victory; One who succeedsGirl
JaiminiOne who was a born victorGirl

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