1386 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter J

Baby Girl Names Starts With J

If you were under the impression that just the meaning of a name can influence your child’s traits and personality, then you may be wrong. Yes, the meaning of a name is important, but what can possibly decide your child’s destiny is the initial you pick for him. Few letters are known to have a powerful impact on a baby girl’s life, and one of them is ‘J’.

The letter J is associated with number one, the most influential and powerful numbers. Girls with this initial want to be in charge, whether it’s from behind the scenes or up front. These assertive and original thinking people are always very sure about themselves. J girls are even excellent actors and can easily pick on the persona, which they wish others to see and believe.

Furthermore, this letter is also associated with compassion and kindness. Your baby girl is a lot more likely to be family oriented and can look for a career that fits around her personal commitments if you choose this letter for her name.

Jane, Jenny, and Julia are just a few examples of the baby girl names starting with the letter J. And there are hundreds of other beautiful names, waiting to be discovered. Check them out in MomJunction's list below.

JaliyahModern invented nameGirl
JallaviBengali name for girlsGirl
JalpaA Gujarati name meaning discussion; Like a conversationGirl
JalpoornaOne who is full of waterGirl
JalsaA celebrationGirl
JalwaA sight or a showGirl
JalynA jay birdGirl
JalynnGod may protectGirl
JalynneModern American nameGirl
JamA sweet condimentUnisex
JamaGod is graciousGirl
JamaicaLand of wood and waterGirl
JamalaOne who is well manneredGirl
JamariyahShe who posesses great beautyGirl
JameahA healerGirl
JameciaShe who is from JamaicaGirl
JameeA supplanterGirl
JameelaA good looking womanGirl
JameelahA chaste womanGirl
JameeliahWoman with dashing looksGirl
JameerahA beautiful oneGirl
JameilaShe who is beautifulGirl
JamelaA beautiful girlGirl
JameliaSomali name meaning beautifulGirl
JameliahA gorgeus womanGirl
JamellaShe who is beautifulGirl
JamelleOne of great beautyGirl
JamelyShe who is from the valleyGirl
JamelyaOne from the glenGirl
JamenaA holy riverGirl
JamesinaFrom Latin Jacomus, means to replaceGirl
JameyaOne who healsGirl
JamiA beautiful womanGirl
JamiaOne who collectsGirl
JamielaA chaste womanGirl
JamieleeScottish name for girlsGirl
JamielleOne who followsGirl
JamilaBeautiful; A variant spelling is GamilaGirl
JamilahA lovely girlGirl
JamileeA woman of great beautyGirl
JamilehA beautiful womanGirl
JamiliaShe who is chasteGirl
JamiliahA gorgeus womanGirl
JamillaShe who posesses great beautyGirl
JamillahA beautiful oneGirl
JamilleElegant and good looking onwGirl
JamilliaShe who is elegantGirl
JamilyaVariation of Arabic name Jamil, means beautyGirl
JaminaA right hand, helperGirl
JaminiThe nightGirl

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