33 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jal

JalaLarge fish from fresh waterGirl
Jala dewClarityGirl
Jala'An elucitationGirl
JalaadhiSanskrit name meaning Ocean; The Sea; Living in Water; A CrocodileGirl
JaladaOne who gives waterGirl
JaladhijaGoddess LaxmiGirl
JalahA small leafed wild indigoGirl
JalajaLotus; Flower in the WaterGirl
JalanaModern American name meaning fiery fluteGirl
JalaneaForm of Jelena, means shinig lightGirl
JalbalaA powerful womanGirl
JaleA dewGirl
JaleelaThe great oneGirl
JaleelahA dignified womanGirl
JaleesaA promise of GodGirl
JaleesahA companionGirl
JalehDewy; Rain; A variant transcription is ZhalehGirl
JalenaThe bright oneGirl
JaleneModern English combination nameGirl
JaliaA manifestGirl
JalilaThe great oneGirl
JalilahThe splendid oneGirl
JalisaOne who brings companyGirl
JalissaGod's promiseGirl
JaliyahModern invented nameGirl
JallaviBengali name for girlsGirl
JalpaA Gujarati name meaning discussion; Like a conversationGirl
JalpoornaOne who is full of waterGirl
JalsaA celebrationGirl
JalwaA sight or a showGirl
JalynA jay birdGirl
JalynnGod may protectGirl
JalynneModern American nameGirl

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