45 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jas

JasaylaA talented person who is very considerate and youthfulGirl
JasbeerA victorious heroUnisex
JasdhirIndian name for girlsGirl
JaseenaA nice heartGirl
JaselleOne who is pledgedGirl
JaseyGod is graciousGirl
JasharLove with GodGirl
JashmerOne who celebratesGirl
JashmirBorder of Jammu and KashmirUnisex
JashwiTo Be Proud of Self; Filled with pride;Girl
JasikaSlavic name for girlsGirl
JasilynOne who singsGirl
JasinderOne who is praisedGirl
JasiyaThe one who kneelsGirl
JaskaurFamous Princess; Glorious Princess; Magnificent and Splendid PrincessGirl
JaskiranOne who sings Lord's praisesGirl
JasleneAn invented nameGirl
JaslynA plant name, JasminGirl
JaslynnOne who is jazzyGirl
JasmeenA flower nameGirl
JasmehAbsorbed in praising GodGirl
JasmijnA flower name, JasminGirl
JasminA name of the flowerGirl
JasminSpelling variation of Jasmine. It means jasmine flower.Girl
JasminaJasmine flowerGirl
JasmineName of the Jasmin flowerGirl
JasminkaBosnian term for Jasmine.Girl
JasmynA name of the flowerGirl
JasmyneName derived from JessamineGirl
JasmynnDerived from Persian yasamin, jasmineGirl
JasnaA clear oneGirl
JasnoorThe light of GodGirl
JasoslavaGlory of lightGirl
JasperineA keepr of treasureGirl
JaspinderLord's gloryUnisex
JaspreetOne who sings praises of the LordUnisex
JasrahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
JassiOne who is sittingGirl
JassiaOne who sitsGirl
JassyUsually a pet form for names starting with JasGirl
JastaranThe greatest beautyGirl
JasuOne who has a smart brainGirl
JasumA plant name, HibiskusGirl
JasweerA brave one who sings Lord's praisesGirl
JaswinderA thunderboltGirl

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