59 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jay

JayaOne who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success;Girl
Jaya lakshmiGoddess of victoryGirl
Jaya priyaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
JayachandraOne who wonGirl
JayalakshmiGoddess of successGirl
JayalalitaGoddess durgaGirl
JayamalaA garland of flowers given to the won who winsGirl
JayanWinning over a battle or a game or a contestGirl
JayanaArmor, or causing victoryGirl
JayaniA shakti of ganeshaGirl
JayanthiOne who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
JayantiOne who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
JayantikaGoddess durga, parvatiGirl
JayaprabhaLight of victoryGirl
JayapradaOne who gives victoryGirl
JayashreeThe Goddess Of Victory; One of many names of Goddess VijayalakshmiGirl
JayashriThe goddess of victory, an evening raagini in indian classical musicGirl
JayasreeGoddess of victoryGirl
JayasudhaNectar of victoryGirl
JayathiExperiencing victory, rejoicing for victoryGirl
JayatiGetting a victory, being a winnerGirl
JayceSomeone who keeps you medicatedUnisex
JayceeOne who can healUnisex
JaycieOne who can caught an attentionUnisex
JaydaA form of jade, resembling the green gemstoneGirl
JaydahThe Lord is salvationGirl
JaydePrecious green stoneGirl
JaydeePrecious stoneGirl
JaydenVariation of Jaden which means God has heardUnisex
JaydonOne who is thankful to god, god has heard, formUnisex
JaydraThe one who is full of moral excellence.Girl
JayeIn English a type of a bird, Jay bird, In Sanskrit success.Unisex
JayelleThe type of goat lives in the hillside.Girl
JaylahThe person who is contented, bliss and joyful.Girl
JayleeThe field which jay bird used to stay.Girl
JayleesaOne who have the quality of jay birdGirl
JayliThe mighty hands of God.Girl
JaylinPretty blue color jay bird.Unisex
JaylinnA fowl which brings nimble.Girl
JaylynThe lake or stream of Jay.Girl
JaymaRefers to replaced or displaced.Girl
JaymieA form of JamiGirl
JaymieeOne with a beautiful faceGirl
JayminiOne of an olden philosopher.Girl
JaynaBringer of victoryGirl
JayneA form of JaneGirl
JayneeA familiar form of JayneGirl
JaynellaLittle Jane; gracious godGirl
JayniGod has bestowed his mercy upon me.Girl
JaynieA familiar form similar to JayneGirl
JayotiThe light who enlighten the worldGirl

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