292 Baby Girl Names That Start With Je

JeanGod is gracious, in the bible one of the apostlesUnisex
JeanaeGod has heard my requests or prayers.Girl
JeanayGod has returned to my crying.Girl
JeaneGod is full of grace and kind.Girl
JeaneeGod is kind and care.Girl
JeanelleTrue grace is coming from God.Unisex
JeaneneMerciful God is the most high God.Girl
JeanettaGod is full of mercy and grace.Girl
JeanetteGod is graciousUnisex
JeaniceYahweh is full of mercy.Girl
JeanieYahweh is full of tender care.Girl
JeaninaMerciful God is with us.Girl
JeanineGod is graciousUnisex
JeannaGod is graciousGirl
JeanneGod Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of JeanGirl
JeannellDiminutive of Jeanne (Mercy is God)Girl
JeannetonGod is graciousGirl
JeannetteGod is graciousUnisex
JeannieGod is graciousUnisex
JeannineGod is graciousUnisex
JeanniqueGod has granted his mercy towards us.Girl
JeanusMy God is full of mercyGirl
JeanyMy merciful GodGirl
JeaselleNewcomer or fresher.Girl
JeddaThe precious black shady gem stone.Unisex
JediIts a made name or created name for come reasons.Unisex
JedidahA friend or companionGirl
Jee (지)To know or the wisdomUnisex
JeevaRefers to the experience of being alive.Girl
JeevanaBeing alive or mode of living.Girl
JeevaniRefers to the condition of living.Girl
JeevankalaArt of lifeGirl
JeevanlataCreeper of lifeGirl
JeevitaOne of the four elements composing the universe , water.Girl
JeevithaRefers to the course of actions and events that occur in living.Girl
JeffieThe one who is fair minded and charming.Girl
JehaanThe one who is having intelligent brain.Girl
JehanMan of the worldUnisex
JehaneGod is merciful forever.Girl
JehanneGod has shown his tender mercy upon me.Girl
JehonaRefers to an imitation or repetition.Girl
JekaterinaA Goddess from the far offGirl
JekkaA gift from YahwehGirl
JelaThe father who faced many difficulties during the birth of his child.Unisex
JelaniOne who is mighty, strongUnisex
JelenaNew branch or new shoot.Girl
JeliaA beautiful gem or radiantGirl
JelianaYouthful or young girlGirl
JelinaNice looking or good looking womanGirl

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