292 Baby Girl Names That Start With Je

JelionA restless and refined individualGirl
JelisavetaGod is my promise.Girl
JeliseMixture of jean (Gift from God ) and Lisa (promise of God).Girl
JelissaA type of insect, honey bee.Girl
JelkaTorch or moonGirl
JellionVariant od Giles; one who is desirableGirl
JemaalVery attractive man or good looking personality.Unisex
JemaineOne who has a very pretty faceGirl
JemaleA good looking and beautiful girlGirl
JemaricaCombination of Jessica and MarcusGirl
JemeelaGorgeous and nice looking.Girl
JemeliaAn elegant or a graceful ladyGirl
JemelleAN eternal graceful ladyGirl
JemiResembles the beautiful white dove.Girl
JemillaThe garden which is in the paradise.Girl
JemimaA DoveGirl
JemimahIt means DoveUnisex
JemimeA little dove, a bird of peaceGirl
JeminBeautiful, tiny dove.Girl
JeminaThe one who uses her right hand always.Girl
JeminiA Gem; A star; A variant spelling of GeminiGirl
JemishaMonarch of the night or queen of the darkness.Girl
JemmaA form of GemaGirl
JenPet for Jennifer that means a fair oneGirl
JenaCeltic - Lady of the people; Tribal Woman; Little Bird; Latin - Virgin; A derivative of name JinaGirl
JenabMalay form of Zaynab, meaning a father's precious jewel.Girl
JenaeThe God has answeredGirl
JenahLittle or tiny beautiful bird.Girl
JenaiGod has answered my prayers.Girl
JenaleeOne who is fair in complexion and pretty.Girl
JenalieThe white enchantressGirl
JenalynThe person who is mild and gentle.Girl
JenalynnVariation of jenny (God has been gracious).Girl
JenaraeDiminutive of Jenny (God has been merciful).Girl
JenavaOf the woman raceGirl
JenavieveRefers to the running competition for women.Girl
JenayGod has heard my prayers.Girl
JenayaGod is graciousGirl
JenayeThe Answer from the GodGirl
JenceA high born nobleGirl
JencyHandsome and loving person.Girl
JendayiThankful; To give thanks;Girl
JendraA fair point or a fairer personGirl
JeneaGod's grace endures forever.Girl
JeneanGod's mercy sustains forever.Girl
JeneaneThe mercy of God is foreverGirl
JeneeGod endows his mercy upon mankind.Girl
JeneeferThe white colored girlGirl
JeneenGod bestows his grace upon me.Girl

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