292 Baby Girl Names That Start With Je

JennaseeLatest variation of Jenny (God is gracious) and Jennifer (just and reasonable).Girl
JennavieveOne who possess good spiritual moralities.Girl
JennayGod has given his blessings to me.Girl
JenneThe one who is good and nice.Girl
JenneaOne who is very good personGirl
JenneeOld Welsh - White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Smooth; Soft; A variant spelling of JenniferGirl
JenneferThe girl who is pretty and charming.Girl
JenneighA pretty white skinned ladyGirl
JenneleThe precious most gift from GodGirl
JennellGod's grace is precious above all.Girl
JennelleGod's grace is adequate to all of us.Girl
JennessaCombination of Jennifer and VanessaGirl
JennetOne who is heaven-sentGirl
JennetteGod has showed his mercy upon mankind.Girl
JennevaVariant of Genevieve (Race of women)Girl
JennexOne who is attractive and good lookingGirl
JenneyOne who is good, nice looking and attractive.Girl
JenniWhite waveGirl
JennicaThe girl who is always reasonable in her activities.Girl
JennieWhite waveUnisex
JennifarA fair or white personGirl
JenniferOld Welsh - White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Smooth; Soft; A variant spelling is JeniferGirl
JennifferOne who is fair, a beautiful girlGirl
JennikaRefers to soft, loving and caring person.Girl
JennileeGod has mercy upon us.Girl
JennilieA gracious gift from GodGirl
JennilynGod is full of gracious love.Girl
JennînGod is graciousGirl
JennipherOne who is stunning and kindful.Girl
JennisThe graciousness of God, God is graciousGirl
JennlikaThis is an reformed name.Girl
JennsenGod has shown favourGirl
JennyWhite waveUnisex
JennyannVariation of Jenny (God is graceful)Girl
JennyeGod has been fair and yieldingGirl
JennyferThe one who is beautiful and easy going.Girl
JenralynRefers to an intelligent and bold girl.Girl
JensineHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; God has shown mercy; A variant is JaneGirl
JentrieNobility or aristocracyGirl
JentzieA noble born or a high bornGirl
JenueThe person from the city of Jenue, Nigeria.Unisex
JenyaThe one who is impressive in appearance.Girl
JenyferReefers to spiritual, pure, mild and gentle person.Girl
JeorjiaThe girls who works in a farmhouse.Girl
JeovanaRefers to precious talent from God.Girl
JeovannaGod is full of mercy and tender care.Girl
JeraThe female form of Gerald (ruler of the spear) or Gerard (spear brave).Girl
JerahResembles the month or shining moon light.Unisex
JeraldeenOne who is a king with spearGirl
JeraldineA form of GeraldineGirl

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