119 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jen

JenPet for Jennifer that means a fair oneGirl
JenaCeltic - Lady of the people; Tribal Woman; Little Bird; Latin - Virgin; A derivative of name JinaGirl
JenabMalay form of Zaynab, meaning a father's precious jewel.Girl
JenaeThe God has answeredGirl
JenahLittle or tiny beautiful bird.Girl
JenaiGod has answered my prayers.Girl
JenaleeOne who is fair in complexion and pretty.Girl
JenalieThe white enchantressGirl
JenalynThe person who is mild and gentle.Girl
JenalynnVariation of jenny (God has been gracious).Girl
JenaraeDiminutive of Jenny (God has been merciful).Girl
JenavaOf the woman raceGirl
JenavieveRefers to the running competition for women.Girl
JenayGod has heard my prayers.Girl
JenayaGod is graciousGirl
JenayeThe Answer from the GodGirl
JenceA high born nobleGirl
JencyHandsome and loving person.Girl
JendayiThankful; To give thanks;Girl
JendraA fair point or a fairer personGirl
JeneaGod's grace endures forever.Girl
JeneanGod's mercy sustains forever.Girl
JeneaneThe mercy of God is foreverGirl
JeneeGod endows his mercy upon mankind.Girl
JeneeferThe white colored girlGirl
JeneenGod bestows his grace upon me.Girl
JeneferBright, tender, kind and gentle.Girl
JeneilThe winner of all hard waves.Girl
JenellThe one who is forgiving, reasonable and warm.Girl
JenellaGod's grace is sufficient for all.Girl
JenelleGod is graciousGirl
JeneneThe person who is impartial in her spirits.Girl
JenessaThe girl who is easy going, soft and fine looking.Girl
JenesseA gentle or a soft ladyGirl
JenetOne who is heaven-sentGirl
JenethOld Welsh - White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Smooth; Soft; A variant name of JenniferGirl
JenettaPerson who is just and upright.Girl
JeneuerA fair complexion ladyGirl
JenevaWoman who participates in running competition.Girl
JenevieveA woman runner or competitorGirl
JeniThe one who is good, kind and nice.Girl
JeniannaA graceful or favourable ladyGirl
JenibelleOne who is well mannered and tender care.Girl
JenibethThe oath of a white ladyGirl
JenicaGod is kind and compassionate.Girl
JeniceGod is mild and gentle.Girl
JenickaGod has shown his kindness towards me.Girl
JenieGod has shown his mercy towards me.Girl
JenieceGod has poured his grace upon me.Girl

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